Winter Waggler Wonderland on Kingfisher

A few of you reading this might be saying to yourselves, are the team fishing anywhere else at the moment other than Lloyds Meadow? We are, but this venue is fishing its head off at the moment and with it being the depths of Winter, venues that are fishing this well are hard to come by, the rivers are all over the place at the moment so we are sticking to what we know best.

I followed James Davies today to Kingfisher at Lloyds Meadow, which is his water of choice at the moment, using the tactic he favors most, the maggot and waggler. This is one of the most simple tactics that has not let him down so far on this water, feeding little and often up in the water to the island has given him some fantastic dayS fishing, our last adventure seen us feature in the Angling Times using this tactic.

We arrived at first light, as this water can get busy, as I pulled up James appeared from the water stating it’s got a layer of ice on it and it is bloody freezing, which we both found amazing as it was mild when we left the house. James decided on a peg with his back to the car par and house to his left facing the island, we tackled up and started cracking and clearing the ice for some water to fish, and as the sun came up we sat for a coffee and a chat ready for a cold hard day.

As the ice thawed James could reach the island with his waggler, he clipped up and practiced a few casts first, as he needs to get close to the island beneath the overhanging trees, he said if you practice the cast first for about ten minutes to get your eye in, and you spend less time in the trees. It started slow with the bites coming slowly and very shy, James missed the first few and after about an hour he started to hook in to a few decent Roach and then as a the bites started to come faster, the float vanished and his rod had a good bend in it, was one of the good chub that live around the island.

The stamp of fish that James started to land were impressive for this time of year, the Roach were cracking, up to 12oz some of them and beautiful fish to look at. He had a few more chub and even some skimmers up in the water, he took about 30lb of mixed silvers in the end for a fantastic days fishing, and you would not have thought the ice covered -3 degrees morning would have produced such sport. Even though James carries enough gear to stock a small tackle shop, the tackle used today could have not been any simpler, and the whole waggler set up would not put you back more than £70, proving you do not have to have the top end gear with some magic secret bait to have a good days fishing. Simple maggot tactics double red on the hook feeding little and often with a catapult, to bring the fish on.

This brilliant Winter venue and simple cheap tactics just goes to show you do not have to put the gear away in the cold months. All it takes is a little practice, patience, and early start and knowing where to fish. The water was busy with a few other anglers braving the cold and also bagging a few good fish. This water continues to be a favorite with James as he knows he will always get plenty of bites this time of year. The venue is always spotless and well looked after, it has become very popular with many anglers in the Winter.If you want a great days Winter fishing James highly recommends this water, he has had constant sport this Winter so far and the pegs around the deeper water have not let him down.

Water: Kingfisher

Peg: Deep side of the water, back to the car park and house to your left.

Tactics:  Drennan Crystal loaded waggler, size 16 hook to 3lb hook length approximately 18 inches for float , 6lb main line, 10ft Maver abyss float rod, Shakespeare Sigma reel. Double red maggot on the hook, feeding little and often.


james kingfisher wag 2013