This Little Pinkie Went to Badger

On a cold windy and very wet day, I followed Ian Jones from the team to continue our Winter tactics series, continuing to bring you more ideas of how to keep the bites coming in the bleak Winter months. Today was all about bites, and rather than picking out better fish, like we did on the last tactics feature using maggot feeder, today was making sure that float kept going under and plenty of fish landed no matter what their size. So thoughts turned to a good all round Winter bait, something that would be able to target all the fish in the lake, and it was the over looked and undervalued Pinkie. Ian decided on this bait having plenty of sport on it in the past on other waters, a bait normally thought of on canals for smaller shy fish in the Winter months but can be put to good use on a commercial fishery when the fish are looking for grubs and not overly interested in larger baits.

Continuing our series on Lloyds Meadow, we settled on Badger which is the match lake at this venue, it has great depths for a commercial, six feet deep in most and to seven feet in some sections, with a good variety of species and plenty of silvers Ian was confidant of landing a fair few fish. Ian set up his light pole line at six and eleven meters to fish on the bottom, mixed a small amount of ground bait and fed his two lines, first line at six meters with just pinkie and the eleven meter line with pinkie and small nuggets of ground bait just in case the six meter line did not produce the fish he was looking for. Ian fished very light set up, thin pencil floats dotted right down and size twenty hooks to give everything a good chance of pulling the float under.

Ian shipped out over the six meter line and the float cocked and sat nice and low in the water, and did not move for about about forty minuets, slow start indeed but Ian had confidence that this time of year it would take a little longer to get them going and he started to build his swim, and it was not long before the fish started to show up. small at first  but as the day went growing in size until eventually working both his lines a few Carp showed up on his elven meter line, along with plenty of Ide Skimmers, Roach, Perch and some impressive Gudgeon. The fish kept coming and Ian ended up with a smashing bag of mixed fish.

Ian's peg just went from strength to strength during the day, and the bag that this target put together was very impressive. It could be argued that if we had has used bigger baits we could have targaeted the larger fish, however today was all about bites and using pinkies to have a day of constant action no matter the size of the fish, as with Winter fishing you are never guaranteed to catch but with the right approach and tactic and venue can make all the difference.

Big thanks to Lloyds Meadow for there hospitality and support, and we look forward to our next outing to continue the Winter tactics series. Remember in Winter keep it simple feed little and often, use light balanced tackle and I Am sure you will manage to land a few, keep the feeding accurate and more important get out on the bank.

Water: Badger

Peg: 16

Tactics: Six and eleven meter pole line, both fished on the deck, 0.11 main line, 0.09 hook length to a size 20 Gamakatsu G point hook, double flouro pinkie on the hook, feeding pinkies at six meters and pinkies with small nuggets of sensas gros gordons noir at the eleven meter line.