The New and Improved Badger

Written By:
Adam Bowen.

Those of you who follow what we do, know that we enjoy nearly all disciplines of fishing, catching a verity of species of all sizes, and its not often that you come across a water that gives you the best of all worlds. However, with Badger you can fish pole long, short, to the island, down the track and down the margin, you can fish the method or cage feeder, pellet or maggot and waggler up in the island or on the bottom. If you are feeling like hunting the bigger mid double Carp, bagging up on the abundance of decent single figure Carp, but most impressive is the variety of silver species and size this venue has to offer.

Myself and Dave Williams chose the far side of the water, hes want on the pellet on the pole up in the water and maggot and waggler to the island, and i fished pole for silver on the deck and up in the water. We spent the day chatting and having a giggle was we always do when there is a few of us on the bank, and lets not forget taking the place to pieces and slowly emptied it during the day, it got so bad that Dave put more fish back than went in his net, every time I looked at his peg his elastic was constantly zipping across the water. His swim was that busy with fish you could see bow waves every time he hooked into each fish, as the other decent once scattered, you could see the big flanks of Carp flashing as the pellets went is as Dave kept the feed going in even while he was playing a fish, lets just say they were lining up for what he had to offer.

I fished up up in the water top two and two, to my right and had plenty of fish, Ide, Bream, Roach Rudd, and a few Carp eventually turned up. I had one a chuck all varied in size, but I think next time I will take castor to pick out the better stamp, there was that many fish swirling and and flashing that the maggots were getting smashed as soon as they went in, next time castor will be my first choice.

We have fished at Lloyds Meadow a great deal, and since the new management have taken over, they are turning the venue from a good fishery to  great one. The attention to the water quality, and fish care is great to see. The lakes are looking fantastic and the banks and surrounding area is being shaped to give an extremely pleasant environment to be sat in for a days fishing. You can see from the care and work being put into this fishery, it is going to grow from strength to strength. I have been reliably informed of netting and stocking plans for the venue to improve fish stocks and quality. Its great to see fishery owners with such passion to make what they have such a success, and a environment both for anglers fish and wildlife.

If you are looking for a great all round day, if it be silver bashing or after the Carp you can have a fantastic day on Badger, you can build a big bag of either or pick out the larger Carp. The variety that this pool has to offer regarding species tactics and weights, have a look at the pictures to really see the quality of the silver and Carp fishing. Big thanks to Danny and Sarah for their hospitality and hope to get back in the Autumn for another fantastic day on the bank.

Water: Badger

Pegs: Far Side of the Water, bottom corner on the right.

Tactics: Dave Williams fished maggot and waggler to the island and had a few Carp and Silvers buy fishing double red maggot on the hook and firing maggots little and often to the float, but eight meters up in the water was his most affective method, feeding 6mm pellets and 2mm mixed with white crumb to create a clout up in the water. Dave fished 6mm pellet banded to a size 16 MWG hook from Guru, slapping his rig on the water, his trick was to feed even when playing a fish, to keep the fish confidant, and it worked every time he went back in he fished eightenn to twenty four inches deep, with 0.17 main line to 0,13 hook length. I fished top two and two to my right, fishing maggot up in the water, for plenty of bites, fished double maggot on size 16 hook. Both myself and Dave fed positivly which was the key to keep the fish lining up and confidant with their feeding. Dave got his tactics spot on, and even though i had plent of fish, i do believe that castors will be more productive for the better fish next time.