The Fantastic Fox Pool

Written By:
Adam Bowen.

Fox pool at Lloyds meadow is hidden away by Badger and is not fished as much as the other pools, however  this does not mean it has nothing to offer as myself and James have had good days in the past and recently our good friend Wendy Royles has a racking day. James has been having great success over the winter and the start of spring fishing the maggot waggler up in the water, both near features like islands and in open water for silver and occasionally snaring the odd carp, or water pig as its more commonly known when myself and James are on the bank, but don’t tell Stephen Roberts you would think they are his scaled children.

We started off at almost first light arriving at 06:00 just after the gates opened, as me and James are early starters and you can always find us at dawn on our adventures. Choosing the nearest end of the pool for James to fish the island and open water on the waggler, we set up chatted and had a brew, James started firing hemp, maggots and castor to the area he planned to fish, alternating between the three, never mixing as they fall through the water at different speeds due to their difference in buoyancy.  His firsts cast landed and the float buried instantly to produce a Carp around 3lb, and the float continues to bury throughout the morning, with a good mixture of small F1 Carp, Chub, Roach, Ide, Rudd, Skimmers, Bream and Linier Carp.

The fish themselves were all in great condition and all the silvers had very dark colours along their backs and flanks, this was due to the peat water colour, which gave the Roach Chub and Ide a very healthy wild look about them, like something you would land on a river of somewhere like Bala Lake. The Fox pool is not stocked heavily like Kingfisher or Heron, or has the match bagging capacity that Badger has but still offers a great days fishing, Ideal for teaching, dads and lads, or those people who just want to catch plenty of smaller fish and constantly want the float going under with less chance of something large and harder to handle.

As always, the place was spotless and extremely well looked after. As the morning continued I had a few fish on my silver line on castor, when I was not stood behind James, but James was having plenty of fish, then it happened the clouds cleared and the searing sun came through, with a message to the fish that all this free food is a trap from the green hoodies on the bank, and you couldn’t buy a bite, but that why its fishing and not catching. However its getting to that time of year when we all the anglers that wet line all year round, understand the best fishing is at first and last light as the weather improves,  so making a choice for an early start or late start is highly debated.

If you want a fun filled day with plenty of bites and fish, Fox is not to be dismissed, it had good depth from about 6-7 feet a at the bottom for the slopes from the island and good margin depths. The island is easy to reach from some pegs by pole and by waggler on every peg. Big thanks to Lloyds Meadow for looking after us again, and we are looking forward to our next visit.

Water: Fox

Peg: First peg on the right as you look from the car park.

Tactics: Waggler shallow 3lb hook length to size 16 wide gape hook single and double maggot took bait. 8meter pole line half depth open water, fishing single maggot, caster. 8meter pole line and 5meter pole line shallow maggot and caster size 16 hooks, feeding hemp maggot castor tight little and often.