The early bird catches with worm on Heron.

Another great winter silver session today with myself and a few members of the team, fishing a few different methods and baits but I concentrated on one method that I really enjoy, but more of that in a minute.  We fished the top lake at Lloyds meadow, the Heron lake, which I have never fished before but looked like a cracker of a water, with a central island, well spaced pegs and plenty of space behind you on the bank, and plenty of fishy looking features. The water colour, surroundings and general environment give it a real natural feel, I could be easy to mistake this as a club water or somewhere that has been around for a long time.

I arrived first thing before sunrise and made my way to the bank, you could tell spring is not far away as the bank was covered in rabbits and bird songs, I set up and had a coffee as the sun came up, while I waited for Stephen, Wendy and Graham, and thought even if I don’t catch, today would not be a total loss. However, the day could not have gone any better, with plenty of fish taken, some good sizes, and plenty of banta and laughs to be had. Some funny moments while Graham was Perch hunting, a few foul hooked fish that seemed a lot bigger than they were which caused some excitement.

I had decided to fish a good sized open water peg, I was really fancied fishing long pole on the deck with chopped worm and castor, as Wendy put it, fishing chopped worm covers most bases. I started by finding a comfortable distance for shipping the pole back and forth all day and about nine meters felt right, I plumbed up about an inch over depth, bulk shot just above the hook length with single dropper inch above the hook. I cupped in one medium pot of chopped worm and castor and left it for about 20mins while I sat had a coffee and watched the rest of the sun come up.

When I went over with my first hook bait the float settled and lifted an I was into my first fish, a small Roach popped into the net and it was official I was not going to blank. The bites ranged from lift bites to sail away, but the main thing was I was catching, and as the day went on, the swim started to build and the stamp of Roach started to get bigger, the Skimmers turned up and a few small Bream, a few Perch showed as well not massive but still a nice to see.

The others from the team were catching well also, fishing maggot on the waggler up in the water against the island, waggler on the deck, down the margin and on the feeder, all methods worked well with plenty of silver fish taken, Graham even managed to land a Carp from the margin, fishing mid water on a full worm while Perch hunting with loads of excitement as he played it thinking it was a big Perch but surfaced the excitement soon subsided.

The fish taken on chopped worm were all in great condition and plenty of them, I took about 21lb of Roach, Hybrids, Skimmers, Bream and Perch. I fished the nine meter line most of the day, as soon as the bites got slower or the fish became smaller I potted in another cup of chopped worm with castor and the bites along with the better fish soon returned. On reflection after speaking to Graham we talked about how I should have fed more in bigger pots to really get them competing then there would be more of a possibility of better fish, but that the great thing about fishing with the team there is always a great deal of knowledge, and every fishing session you should always learn something new, if that be the peg your fishing from, the way your feeding, use of tackle, I could go on and on.

In conclusion, I am finding with the Winter silver fish session we are having on most waters are going very well, which I believe is due to pre planning, light balanced tackle, proper bait choice and understanding how silver fish feed this time of the water, if it be Skimmers, Roach or Carp on the bottom, or Roach up in the water, if you fish and feed right, building your swim you are in for a good day. Big thanks as always to Lloyds meadow for there continuing support and hospitality, and hope to be visiting again soon to have a go on the Fox pool.

Water: Heron Pool

Peg: Middle peg at the side of the pool as you come up from Kingfisher, the has a tree in the water to your right.

Tactics: Pole line at nine meters, approx five foot deep, Hero Round and Chi Chi 0.6 floats from Dino floats, Preston 0.11 mainline and 0.10 hook length, kamasan B911 F1 hooks size 18 & 16, olivet 0.3 with bulk size 8 stoz around the olivet, single dropper one inch from the hook. Bait wise I fished small piece of chopped worm on the hook, potting in chopped worm and castor.