Season Turning Pellet.

Written By.
Adam Bowen.

As we come to the end of our Winter tactics session we have been running on Lloyds Meadow, the pellet was the order of the day, with the season starting to turn, mild weather on the horizon, we chose pellet to try and pick up the better stamp of fish. Before I get into the fishing, the fishery is really starting to come together thanks to all the hard work by the owners, with new pegs and recent water treatment Kingfisher especially is looking in fantastic condition.

With my experience of fishing this water in the colder months, I decided to go on the more opened end of the lake, as I knew it was slightly deeper and has always held a greater number of decent silvers in my experience. I arrived nice and early, just behind Dave Williams who joined me for this trip, and set about getting the gear out and set up ready. With a light breeze in my face and a slight ripple on the water I was full of optimism for the day, however the light breeze and ripple turned into a pole bending wind and waves that made the day a little more testing, however the day was surprisingly a success and plenty of bites were had.

With a good area of water in front of me, I decided on two pole lines, both at 6 meters on the bottom, I fished directly in front and as the wind was building up some natural food to my left in the bay, and a few fish topping I deceded on a line to my left approximately at my ten o'clock, I plumed up and prepped my bait. I used the Nash small ball make to make sure my feed which was micro pellets were nice and compact, as there is a lot of small fish in Kingfisher, so getting the bait down and build in a bed of feed was very important for how I wanted to fish, I fished three balls on each line, left them to settled and went round to have chat with Dave while they broke down and the fish moved in.

I pumped my 4mm expander pellets left them until i was happy with their size, threw a few in the margin to make sure they sank, drained the water off and set about trying to catch a few fish. I shipped out with my float dotted right down due to the tow of the upper water, and no sooner had the float settled, it lifted and it was fish on for a Roach about 6oz, shipped out again float settled, lifted for a Skimmer of about 8oz. The fish came thick and fast for about eight fish, then the small 3oz Roach moved in, so I switched to my line to the left, float buried for a Carp about 3lb, and then some better Roach and Skimmers until the small Roached turned up, so switched to the far line again. I kept doing this all day, switching between lines as soon as the smaller fish picked up my pellet giving me indication I had exhausted the better stamp on that time , I also made sure to feed the line each time I moved with with two small balls of micro pellet to hopefully coach the better stamp bag in over my bait.

The fish taken ranged in size from 3oz to 3lb of Roach, Bream, Skimmers, Chub and Carp, to make up a 35-40lb bag of mixed fish for a great day on Lloyds Meadow, the action would have been faster if I had fished maggot to a size 18, but that would have meant more smaller fish and today's mission to was to pick out the larger stamp with the 4mm pellet, balanced with light tackle to give me a most enjoyable day for this time of year. Big thanks to Lloyds Meadow for their support over the winter with this winter tactics series and hopefully doing plenty more with them in the future.

Water: Kingfisher

Peg: 21

Tactics: Two pole lines at 6m, fished half inch over depth, first line fished out in front and second to the left at my ten o'clock. Feeding three small balls of micro pellets to start and two every time I changed lines. Float was a 0.4 with wide bristle for fishing pellet in the windy weather for stability. 011 main line to a 0.09 hook length, size 16 B911 F1 from Kamasan, small size 10 dropper stoz with five  number 8 stoz close together above the hook length so the pellet dropped quickly through the water layers. Pole line out in front fished with number 6 elastic and the left line fished with a number 8 elastic to handle any creatures lurking down there.