Maver, Bag-em, Bait-tech and Marukyu on Badger.

Written By
Adam Bowen.


I have spent my years fishing at Lloyds Meadow, and it never fails to impress me, continuing to grow and looking as impressive as ever. The continuing effort Danny and Sarah are putting in, season after season hs why Lloyds is one of the of the best-mixed fishery in the area. Today I was joined by Dave Williams from the team and our guests Ron White and Martin stokes, on Badger, true to form I fished for the silvers and for bites, Ron did the same while Martin and Dave targeted the Carp. Needless to say, we all had a fantastic day, so I have split the review into four sections for each angler. Thanks as always to Warrington Tackle and Gun, Bait-Tech for their continuing support.

Ron White.

Great day on badger with the fishing in the North West guys. We decided between ourselves to try and fish different methods and tactics in order to show the potential of this great water. I elected to fish maggot on the deck to catch everything that swims. In order to give Dave and Martin plenty of room I set up on peg 10. I got out my trust maver darkside series three and set up my main rig which consisted of a home made 4 x 14 slim with a 1.2 mm hollow tip. This was tied on 0.15 power line with a 0.1 hook length and a size 20 tube rotini 808 hook. I plumbed up at two plus two and put two inches on the bottom. I also set up a margin rig to fish to the pallet on my right at 12 mtrs , again this was made up of a home made mudline float 4 x 12 on 0.15 mainline and 0.11 hook length to an 18 808. Started on the two plus two rig loose feeding maggot and fishing single maggot on the hook. I was soon into small stocky carp, skimmer, tench, roach and grudge on. I ended up with 149 small fish taken on the two plus two and a few stockies on the edge rig. The last hour managed to mug some better carp to five pounds to end a great day

Martin Stokes.

1/2 kilo of worm. 2 pints of casters Marukyu Focus Pellets 6mm Marukyu Focus Pellets 8mm - mugged a few early at 15m on 6mm banded pellet, fed a caster at 6 meters. - Had at look on the caster line, fishing a 3rd of a worm, feeding casters. Caught some big Carp before they backed off - Started pinging 4mm pellets to prime a shallow line, at 14.5m, caught well on 6mm pellet. - alternating the left and right, to allow each swim to settle. Mugging a few Last hour caught on the 6m line shallow, fishing and feeding 6mm pellets.

Tips Small 18 hooks to 0.13 line. Fished light even for big Carp A long line from pole tip to float, was key so you didn't spook the carp. Little and often pinging pellets, to draw them into the swim. Floats 4x14 PR Chianti 4x12 PR Chianti 0.2g Drennan Crystal Dipper MAVER DARKSIDE SERIES 3 Pole, great for fishing long shallow.

Dave Williams.

13m long on the slope 0.4 Dino Merus float 3ft on hard 6mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellet...cad potting micros with corn.. Close 6m line 6mm again hard pellet feeding Carp and Coarse pellet fishing 6ft of water and using a 0.6 Dino Merus. Rotated both lines all day to maximise my peg choice.

Adam Bowen.

I fished top 2+2 out in front on my pole, fishing double red maggot over a bed of 50/50 Bait-Tech F1 & Pro Natural Extra laced with red maggot. Chi Chi 0.6g from Dino, to a B911 F1 size 18 hook. Feeding gold ball sized ground bait every 10 fish to keep it my swim topped up. I finished with an impressive mixed bag of silver fish and small mirror and common Carp.