Maggot for big silver nets on Badger

Written By.
Adam Bowen.

Badger at Lloyds Meadow fishery is the jewel in the crown of the four waters, known to offer 100lb + bags of fish for matches and have a good stacking of Carp. The water is wide to the island at 16 meters and deep to around almost 6 foot down the track, and the sheer size of the water is not to be underestimated as it is deceiving due to the height of the island, so there is a lot of water to draw fish from.

I followed James Davies and Carl Jenkins form the team, two anglers who take great delight in targeting everything that swims, and with the plan of attack being maggot, there was a possibility anything could happen.  James fished his favourite, waggler up in the water, while Carl fished the short pole up in the water, and as you can guess silvers was the order of the day.

James fished to the island on the waggler, firing out a good amount of maggots with every cast, resulting in a bite a chuck, with some impressive bonus fish as well. The island is a good fish holding feature on Badger, just make sure you are accurate with your casting, James uses the clip on his real to make sure he hits the same spot every time to keep the fish lining up.  Carl fished the left of his swim at five meters, feeding twenty maggots and laying the rig on the water they were swirling in two foot of water, Roach and Ide really competing for the bait.

Carl and James fished confidently and fed well all day, showing consistency and hard work to make sure those fish kept coming. The years I have been fishing Badger and waters like it, it is a feed or bust water for this time of year, the boys went through nearly nine pints of maggots, and I bet not many of those managed to make it to the bottom. The type of water it is, means a laid back approach will do you no favours on this water, feed and they will come, and if your new to the water or not sure on what the best tactics for what you are after, always ask Danny the owner as he is more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Carl and James managed a mixed bags of nearly 80lb between them, a mixture of Ide, Roach, Perch with one at 2lb+ and Carp. All the fish were of good stamp and in great condition, the water and surrounding fishery was immaculate and looks fantastic. You might say I am biased as the team love Lloyds Meadow and the owner is a good friend and angling companion of mine, however he applies the same to his angling as he does to running Lloyds Meadow, and if you had spent time with him like myself and the lads form the team have you could see why he and his good wife have turned Lloyds meadow into a fantastic venue.

Big thanks again to Lloyds Meadow for their hospitality, and Fox pool will be my next visit as that pool is really coming along with its fresh stocks of fish and all the hard work Danny and Sarah has put in to it. If you are looking for something different than the usual pellet or fishing 16m pole to the island look into the maggot on the waggler or mid water for the mixed silver fish and

Pegs: 1st and 2nd to the right bank with fox to your back, either side of the inlet pipe.


James: Maggot on a size 16 hook, using a Drennan pelet waggler to the island, fishing about 1-2 foot off the island, fishing 18 inches deep feeding good pouches of maggots with each cast.

Carl: Five meters pole line to his left, double maggot on a size 16 hook, small dibber float to a soft 6-8 elastic, approximatly 18 inches to 2 foot deep feeding a decent pich of maggots each time, lying the rig on the water to control the fall.