Winter Maggot Feeder on Kingfisher.

To continue our winter tactics series to try and get anglers catching more fish in these cold months, maggot feeder was the method of choice, attempting to target the quality Roach rather than quantity by using this method was no easy task, making sure the feeder hit the same spot each time to concentrate the feed and be accurate so not to spread what better fish there was out to thinly. Fishing using the reel clip on a light small feeder rod using a small maggot feeder seemed to do the trick.

We have said this before, but there is some great fishing to be had at this venue, just brave the cold use the right tactics and bait and I am sure you manage to land more than you expected. Using light sensitive tackle we managed 30lb of Roach with a few Chub, and some quality Roach at that, anything from 4oz to a 1lb they were all fin perfect and great to behold this time of year. On the light rod set up it was great fun, giving you a really good bend in the rod and still fighting well for this time if year.

Fishing the light set up was one of of the key elements to the day, 9ft rod with a 1 1/2 oz tip, 5lb line to 20g maggot feeder, 3lb hook length to a size 16 hook, gave the right balance to snare a fair few bars of silver. Picking the right right water and peg for decent Winter sport is half the battle and hopefully this feature will help you land more fish this winter. Fishing at Lloyds Meadow for the abundance of silver fish it has is something that should not be over looked, not everyone wants to or fish the rivers or large deep natural lakes, so looking to a local great fishery using the right tactics can be just as good if not better in some cases.

Winter fishing using this method can also be a cheap one, with only two pints of red maggot taken and the prospect of only needing these for a great days fishing there was no need to bring anything else on the day. As well as only needing the tackle to support this tactics, tackling up and down was a lot quicker so more fishing could be fitted in between the sort time that winter fishing allows,less kit to get muddy and wet also, less to carry back and forth from your peg.

Big thanks to Lloyds Meadow for their hospitality and hope to be back soon for the next instalment of our Winter tactics series, big thanks to Woolston Tackle and Guns for the quality red maggots supplied for the day. Hope to see you all on the bank and always feel free to come over for a chat if you see us.

Water: Kingfisher.

Peg: Second to the right facing the first island.

Tactics: 20g Kamasan Black Cap maggot feeder, 5lb maxima main line, 12 inch 3lb Preston power hook length to a size 16 Kamasan B911 F1 hook. Running rig, feeder clipped to one foot of the island, 9ft Drennan puddle chucker, 1 1/2 oz tip, small light reel to keep everything balanced.
double red maggot on the hook.