Lloyds Meadow Kingfisher February 2013.

After hearing some great things about this venues winter fishing I was chopping at the bit to give it a go, and with my shifts meaning my gear has been in the man cave for two weeks I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms, but it was well worth the wait, with big weights of 80lb plus taken by the regular lads, and the silver matches taking 40lb plus. I was joined by James Davies and Lee Griffiths from the team and we were not to be disappointed.

We settled on the three pegs at the open end of the water with the car park behind us, with Matty Dawes already visiting this venue and giving us some inside information we went to it. The first thing that catches your when you arrive at this venue is how well kept it is and in such a beautiful location. The pegs are well spaced of a good size and Standing, with two island, plenty of open water and deep margins with plenty of features.

The fishing itself was fantastic for winter and we took some great fish, It was one a chuck on maggot up in the water with some large fish taken on the bottom with corn and pellet. Between us we took Common and Mirror Carp, Bream Roach and Rudd, a lot of the roach taken up in the water and there were some fantastic looking ones up to 12oz.

With the Lloyds team always improving the fishery and with fish recently stocked and new stock on the way this is a great venue and we look forward to visiting it again soon to try the other waters it has to offer. All in all this is a fantastic venue with amazing fishing for anglers of all ages and abilities.




Carp park end of the water, first disabled peg and two to the right.


James Davies.

Line 1, 8meters to the front on the bottom, main line 3lb Preston reflow power 2lb reflow hook length,  size 18 kazaman b911 hook, bait double red or white maggots corn and 4mm expander pellet.

Line 2, 8 meters shallow 3lb main line 2lb hook length, size 18 kazaman b911 hook, bait double red/white maggots corn, 4mm pellet.

Line 3, 6 meters shallow 3lb main line 2lb hook length size 18 kazaman b911 hook,  bait double red/white maggots .

Lee Griffiths.

Method feeder with hair rigged corn to island.

Pole 8 meters up in the water double maggot on the hook, feeding maggots little and often.

Adam Bowen.

Pole at 11 meters, on the bottom, 0.09 line with size 20 kamazan hook with double white maggot, corn and 4mm expander pellet on the hook, feeding 2mm pellets little and often.

Pole at 11 meters, up in the water, double red maggots on the hook, feeding maggots little and often.


lloyds meadow kingfisher feb 2013