Herons Silver Secret

Written By
Adam Bowen.


There are a great many brilliant fisheries in the North West, but Lloyds Meadow will always be held in great esteem by myself and the team, as it always produces fish for us and it is a fantastic place to sit and spend a day. Today I found myself on Heron, in my opinion one of the overlooked waters on Lloyds Medow, doing what I enjoy the most, trying to build bags of silvers, putting together as many bites as I can. Approaching the water, it was majestic, with the sun rising, damp under my boots and mist skimming the top of the water, the feeling of seeing a water at first light never gets old. The day was going to be split into two halves, two pole lines in the morning, and two in the afternoon, with a twelve o'clock change over.

The morning lines were pole 2+2 at my eleven o'clock, and nine meter at my one o'clock, keeping good depth and length distance between my two lines. The 2+2 line was fishing on the bottom, one inch over depth, with the No 10 dropper just touching the bottom as the bottom slightly declined away from me, the same with the nine meter line. The main line consisted of Matrix Power Micron 0.105, hook length was six inches long of Preston Reflow Power 0.09, with the shot pattern the same on both lines, No.8 bulk above the hook length and a single No.10 dropper, of Garbolino G-Shot. The 2+2 line was fished with a Dino 0.4 Roach Cesar, with a carbon stem, great pencil float for maggots, the nine meter line was fished with a Dino 0.6 Chi Chi, wire stem, great for soft pellet and Corn on the hook. Both lines fished to a Gamakatsu G-Point Gama Black size 18 hook.The Chi Chi float had it bristle blacked out half way, due to fishing in white water, and I find this works well for identifying lift bites from Skimmers and Bream.

I have found over the years of fishing for silvers that if your elastic is balanced with your terminal tackle, you bump less fish and land more bonus surprise fish, for the bottom lines for the day, I fished the Drennan F1 & Silver fish rated at 4-6, i find it to be supple enough to all my silver fishing in the warmer months.

The first tactic on fishing for silvers on a water with a large head of carp, is not to over feed, putting a great deal of bait in at the start, can attract the carp and push out the very species you are trying to target. I start with a single ball of 2mm pellets mixed with ground bait, on the 9 meter line, at the start of the session, and left it for half an hour, observing for feeding fish bubbles and the size of the fizz area, if the fizz area grew it would be an indication of Carp tail wash spreading the bait as they fed, but lucky enough, it stayed tight and the feed bubbles from skimmers soon came.  Before I put a hook bait over the 9 meter line, I fed the 2+2 with half a small pot of red maggot, and fished double red maggot over the top while observing the pellet line. Fishing the 2+2 line on maggot would hopefully give me some quick bites to get the session started and it did, with small Skimmers and Roach instantly giving me great sport.

The Feed and hook baits chosen for the 2+2 line was the simple red maggot, while fishing this line, I fed after every fish with a small pole pot, to keep those Roach and small skimmers interested, and even when fishing the 9 meter line, I made sure I kept the maggot line topped up, feeding half pots of maggot every half hour, because of if one line died, then other hopefully will still have a few fish to offer. The nine meter line was fed all session with two pints of 2mm Trigonella pellets from Beechwood Baits, mixed with one pint of Bait-Tech Omen Bream ground bait, with lake water added to make it sticky enough to mould in to balls for potting in. The hook bait consisted of 4mm expander pellets, pumped in a mixture of lake water and Trigonella Glug.

The fishing was frantic in the morning, with both lines producing plenty of fish. At twelve o'clock I stopped for lunch and changed to my afternoon tactics, as the afternoon began to warm up, shallow fishing was in order and a hook bait change for my 9 meter line. The set up for fishing shallow was slightly heavier than the other lines, due to the chance of a rouge Carp. Elastic was Drennan Green Carp Bungee rated 6-8, Dino Dralion 0.3 float, Guru N-Gauge 0.13 down to 0.11 hook length with a Kamasan B911 F1 at the business end fishing with double red maggot and feeding little and often at 4 meters out in front. This line produced plenty of small roach and a few small  rouge Carp, and was put to bed after an hour, as the swirls of tail patterns got bigger and bigger over the maggots being fed, I decided to concentrate on my nine meter line for the rest of the day.  

The nine meter line was my best of the session so far, producing a better stamp of Skimmer, so to build on this I opened a can of corn and shipped out, float buried and it was a Carp, only a small mirror, but hard work on the light set up. Undeterred, I shipped out again and it was Skimmer a plenty, as the feed went in the feeding got more intense to the point they were taking it on the drop. With an hour to go and some amazing silver fish sport had, I started to foul hook Skimmers, there was such an amubdabce of fish over my feed the line bites were constant, so packing up was inevitable. The nine meter line had become so fish heavy I was a victim of my own success, and should have slowed down the feeding earlier, but lesson learnt for next time.

Big thanks as always to Danny and Sarah Stone of Lloyds Meadow for their fantastic hospitality, Beechwood Baits Ltd, Bait-Tech and Warrington Tackle and Guns for all the continuing Support. If you click on the Bait-Tech and Becchwood pictures to see the bait used. My best tip for this silver session, is to fish balanced and light, as both lines got deeper as the botton sligtly shelved off, I found laying the rig out down the shelf gave me more possitive bites and better presentation.

Ps. The most important tactic today, was to dip my nets first, fishery and fish welfar is something we should all be promoting and practicing.