Bread Punch on Kingfisher

Wet cold and windy, hail and sleet bouncing of the brolly, I sat there thinking why am I out in this weather, with a lake in front of me that had seen to much water and was clear to about three foot down, I suddenly thought, I know lets just keep landing silver after silver, as my float didn't even settle most of the time before it got buried. As we continue to run our winter tactics series at Lloyds Meadow fishery, and with Danny the owner telling me the water was clear and very cold, I couldn't resist getting the bread punch out,  as the time and conditions could not have been better.

I settled o the far bank facing the house, fishing to the corner of the island at about twelve meters, I potted in two small balls of liquidized bread, and the had a coffee while I waited for them to break down. I fished light slim float and with a spread out shotting pattern to allow the bait to drop through the water to catch on the drop, and as soon as it settled if they did not take it on the drop, it either buried or lifted and it was fish on. The fishing was frantic, and my pole spent more time being shipped in and out then it did over the water. The fish taken was almost all Roach, about 4-6 oz, with the occasional bonus Chub, Carp and a Roach to about 12 oz.

The sheer sport of the day using this tactic was great, the constant bites and fish are one a show of how this tactics can be devastating in the right conditions and shows the sheer quality of fishing that Lloyds Meadow has to offer in the winter. If you brave the cold weather and use the correct tactics on the appropriate water with the right conditions you can have a brilliant day on the bank despite not being able to feel your fingers.

Fishing this light and delicate method that is usually associated with canal fishing, but is starting to really become a devastating winter match tactic on commercial venues, were dobbing bead is picking out the larger weights of Carp, however with the large head of silvers in these waters, I believe this tactic is underrated on fisheries i the winter, and hopefully something I will see more used in the future.

Big thanks to Lloyds meadow for their continuing support and Dino floats for supplying yet more high standard of float for this type of fishing. If you see us on the bank please come over to see what we are up to and keep your eyes peeled for our next winter tactic coming up in early January.

Water: Kingfisher

Peg: Opposite the corner of the long island, facing the house.

Tactics: Fishing on the bottom, moving the depth up and down depending on rate of bites, if the bites slowed, I shortened the rig by two inches which worked every time, then back on the deck depending on how the bites were coming. Dino Roach Cesar 0.4g float, 0.11 mainline to 0.09 hook length, size 18 B911 F1 Kamasan, small balls of liquidized bread from a Nash ball maker, 4-5mm Drennan bread punch on the hook.