Badger Head to Head Match 12 April 2013.

Great days fishing today with Matthew Powell of Team Wales and Colmic Tackle, we fished a head to head match on the Badger, a great match water with a large island and well spaced pegs. Badger is the main match water at Lloyds Meadow, the island is approx 14-16 meters from your peg, ledge sloping from island to approx five feet deep, large trench to good depths in the margins.  The water had a good head of mixed coarse fish, from large Carp to Small silvers.

We started early and got set up, both of us having the same plan of fishing to the island, easier said than done for me as forgot my bump bar so had to hold my pole at 14 meters all day, let’s just say my back was not the best as we packed up. We fished light tackle and elastics as we were expecting mixed bags of fish big and small, with the weather only just starting to improve we needed to make sure every bite was hit and landed.

With reports of 170lb bags coming out in the matches, we were expecting to at least land a few. The fishing was constant all day, mainly due to our choice of tactics and change of bait, as the bites dried up on one pole line we had two others to choose from, which is one of the things we like about Badger. The fish ranged from Carp of approx 4lb to very small silvers, we took a mixture of Common, F1s, Fantail and Crucian Carp, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Bream and a token Gudgeon.

What I love about fishing is you are always learning and fishing with Matthew as the same as when I fish the Fishing In The North West team was no different, learnt new tactics new tips to keep the bites coming. If I have one mane tip for fishing this water at this time of year was to keep the alternating the pole lines moving the bait up and down the shelf, if the shelf line went dead moving to the mid water line at 6 meters, making sure to pot in some feed to each pole line so to hold the fish there if they returned.

All in all a great day out, I managed 18lb and Matthew just beating me with 28lb. With the other two lakes yet to fish at this venue I am looking forward to my return.

For Colmic tackle information and ordering you can email Matthew on, he is the main agent for the North West.




Adam : 10

Matthew : 7



Pole Line 1: Fishing the bottom of the shelf at 14 meters, size 18 kamazan F1, 0.11 mainline, 0.09 hook length. 4mm expander pellets on the hook, feeding 2mm little and often.

Pole Line 2: Fishing 15 meters, half way up the shelf, 7mm punched bread on a size 18 kamazan F1, 0.11 main line, 0.09 hook length.

Pole Line 3: Fishing up in the water at 6 meters, double maggot on size 18 gamma green hook, 0.11 mainline, 0.08 hook length. Feeding maggot little ad often.


Pole Line 1: I fished a 4x12 rig to far bank with 0.10mm mainline and 0.08 bottom (colmic stream line) to a size 20 colmic nuclear hook, started feeding soaked micro pellets with a few 4mm pellets in, fish a 6mm and 4mm hook pellet,

Pole Line 2: Fished at 13m at bottom of far shelf fished the same as island rig (Line 1) but 4x16 float.

Pole Line 3: Fished 6m shallow with maggot, 4x8 rig 2 ft deep with a strung out shorting style and a 4x12 rig 4ft deep with a strung out shorting style both to 0.10 mainline and 0.08 bottom to a 20 colmic nuclear hook.


badger april 20113