Autumn Worm and Caster on Kingfisher

 Written By
 Adam Bowen.

As the winter closes in the team have decided to do a run of winter tactics features on Kingfisher, targeting the large head of silvers that this fantastic water has to offer. Today was no exception, I made my way down at first light to the larger end pf the pool, and set up on the first peg to the right opposite the house, the open water in front of me and island of the my right hand side. The first feature of our winter tactics on this venue was chopped worm and caster, with it sill being relatively mild I was sure it would be a productive tactic. With my bait prepped the night before, I was ready to go, light well balance rigs and some six to eight elastic in my top sections, I was excited to say the least.

Before I progress with the fishing and to quote young James from the team, people putting there gear away in the winter is more than criminal, the fantastic venue that is Lloyds Meadow for winter fishing, along with all the other venues we feature in the North West gives you every chance of a great day. The fact you can have some amazing angling days and without doing anything fancy or spending a small fortune on exotic kit or bait is nothing to be ignored. Hopefully if you enjoys this feature and follow the simple tactics I use you will not go far wrong.

Stretching out and my worm and caster to keep costs down was one of the key features to the day, getting the most out of my bait, by regular feeding, measurements and mixture of bait did not fail me. Like I said before I prepped my bait the night before, first by riddling my 1/4 kg of worms, getting rid of all the stones, wood chips, twigs and anything else in the bag, measuring out my frozen hemp into small seal-able bags, washing off my caster to get rid of the floaters and my favorite additive predator plus to bring it all together. On the bank I measured out 250mlS of caster, 250mls of hemp, 250mls of the soil from the worms, and 250mls chopped worm mixed it and adding 100mls of predator plus, which gave me enough bait to have a good six hour session fishing chopped worm on the hook, and taking the place to bits.

The fishing on Kingfisher for the silver has always been great, but with the owners removing 150-200lbs of the smaller silver fish, this has given the better stamp more room and they are taking advantage, I managed to land 50lb of mostly pristine red fins with the odd Skimmer and Rudd, to make it a one a chuck kind of day, with the fishing non stop right the way until the point I ran out of bait. This water is only going to go from strength to strength over the coming winter and years with more great work being taken on by the owners.

This feature will hopefully wet your appetite for a trip this winter to Kingfisher, have a look at the photos below and the tactics and you will be surprised with such simple tactics the type of bag of silver that was put together, there was nothing complicated about today, the depth was easy to handle and the bait easy to prepare and use. Big thanks to Lloyds Meadow for there support and hospitality, and to Woolston tackle and bait for their contribution of bait for the day, Dino Floats for their floats and as always if you see us on the bank, come and have a chat and feel free to pick our brains.

Water: Kingfisher

Peg: First peg on the right.

Tactics: Pole, fishing 6 meters out in front, fishing just touching the bottom. Float was a 0.5 Roach Ceaser from Dino fished low in the water as a lot of the bites on worm were lift bites, Preston Power flex 0.11 main to 0.09 hook length, size 16 Kazaman B911 F1 kook, fished with 0.4 olivet and varied droppers. Chopped worm on the hook, feeding the mixture of caster, hemp and chopped worm with each fish from a small pole pot, initially feeding a cup of the mix to start.