Autumn Silvers on Kingfisher

Sometimes the last minute ideas are always the best, as I and James Davies had planned to visit the mighty river Dee for a session, the weather over the last few weeks had other ideas, and as we both did not want to get swept away and drown, James suggested we have a silvers day on Kingfisher at Lloyds Meadow, with I and James loving all things silver, we decided to do a Autumn silver fish feature, because this venue produces some great silver fishing in the colder months.

Having fished here in February earlier in the year, we were keen to revisit and smash some silver, we fished nothing but maggot, and maggot over ground bait, there is something about using simple natural baits to catch big bags of silver fish that feels like proper fishing, the fishing you did on waters before the big explosion of commercial fisheries and you only had a good day if you had a 110lb of Carp, the type of fishing you can do with a simple waggler set up or whip, nothing fancy, simple easy fishing.

The weather was very wet windy and very miserably, but we worked the waggler line to the island resulting in some cracking Chub, which was a great start, but when the larger Roach turned up the Chub backed off, and despite trying to feed the Roach off, this only made the water come alive with swirls and the fish even jumping out of the water when the maggots hit, there was thousands of them.

The fishing was relentless all day, the float hardly settled before it vanished below the surface. If you fished maggot mid water or just below the surface it got hammered, all my better fish came just on the bottom, where the ground bait had settled, you had to wait slightly longer but it was worth it, we rotated from pole to waggler all day resulting in Roach, Rudd, Carp, Chub Bream and  Perch of all sizes, James even managed a few Carp between 8-10lb on single maggot on light silver tackle, If you balance your tackle properly it’s amazing what you can catch if you play it with patience and skill.

The silver fishing on kingfisher is brilliant, especially if you fancy an easy day, you could fish a 4 meter line to hand, or light waggler set up, and because of how the venue is set in the valley there is an element of cover in the Winter and the deeper end of the water closest to the car park has plenty of pegs. Big thanks to the fishery for their hospitality and continuing support, and Fox pool is going to be our next adventure, we are told that it is packed with silvers and small Carp, so we are looking forward to wetting our lines yet again.




Adam and James : Deep end of the water close the carp park, trees and stream running out to our backs.


Adam: Waggler to the island, size 16 hook, 3 maggots on the the hook feeding maggot little and often. Pole line at 6 meters on the bottom, over sweet fish meal ground bait, size 16 hook with double red maggot.
James: Waggler to the island, size 126 hook, double red maggot, Pole line at 6 meters up in the water fishing double maggot, feeding little and often. Pole line top two sections to the right under a bush, feeding and fishing maggot, plenty of fish resulting in a few cheeky carp.

Atumn silver on kingfisher