Long Lake Cats

Written By Liam Postle, Fishing in the North West

Friday 9th May- Sunday 11th May 2014

 The weekend started off again with loading the gear and thinking about what approach I should go with to fish a new venue so with my bait and gear loaded and my fishing partner in crime we set off for a charity even organized by Carp Bait-Solutions. We arrived at the fishery around 5o’clock a little earlier than was arranged for the meeting time just due I wanted to have a walk around the lakes that we had booked out for the weekend, there were long lake and horseshoe.

 Long Lake was the chosen lake that I set upon fishing just due to it being a little easier to fish than horseshoe however the bigger fish were in horseshoe but that sets myself a challenge for when I return.  

 Fishing started at 6pm so bivvy and rods set up I was ready for the weekend ahead! I set myself out targeting both species Catfish and Carp. With never fishing for catfish before it was my main aim to try and target one and get It on the bank. My approach was on one rod fish crab and tangerine boilie something really stinky to try and draw a fish in and just keep a bed of boilie along a reed line. The other rod was to fish it on pellet over a bed of small 3mm halibut pellet and boilie crumb. So the night was drawing in and with just having a chat with some of the other anglers it seemed that some fish were coming out down the bottom end of the lake but it was still early doors yet. So as night came and I decided to get my head down it was so quiet not even a beep all night.

 So as morning came I decided to put some fresh bait’s on and re-bait my spots just little and often as they say, back on the spots they went and I thought to give them another go and see if anything could develop if not they a tactical change would be made for night. As the day went by I decided to wind my rods in for 1 or 2 hours to rest my swim and to go around for a chat and find out where the fish were coming out and on what baits just to find some information for the review.

 It seemed that the fish were coming out down the opposite end of the lake on the very end two pegs peg one and peg 13, so with just having a chat I found out that peg one had produced around 4 carp to around 10lb and 2 or 3 catfish to around mid-double in weight however peg 13 was just having catfish after catfish up to 25lb, however that the odd catfish was occurring just one or two pegs down from that end of the lake but most of the fish seemed to be holding up in that area on the front of the wind. Soon as we were speaking his rod screamed off and with him knowing I never caught a catfish he said to me come on you get it and I was really shocked as you never see many anglers these days saying that and it was really respectful as he did it to other anglers also who have never caught catfish before and he will always have my respect! It turned out to be around a mid-double as I just wanted to get the fish back ASAP and I felt it was cheating as it was not caught on my rod so no photo was taken.

 So as the second night was quickly coming around I thought it was time for a tactical change on one of the rods I decided it was going to be the pellet rod there I changed from just a 22mm halibut pellet on the deck to a pop up rig with a long hair to fish a 16mm yellow pineapple popup with a 22mm halibut fished on the top, out of the blue I just decided to try it and while I tested it in the margins I seen what it was doing was wafting constantly however it seemed that as the pellet was trying to sink the pop up was lifting it causing a slight ripple if the same effect of using a live bait perhaps. So a small pellet bag was made and I decided to fish it on a new spot just past the point of the island on an area I thought the fish might have patrolled.

 So as tea was made and the night closed in, I was really struggling to try and get a bite as it seemed I was on the totally wrong end of the lake and with all the pegs being taken down that bottom end there was no chance of even a move for a quick night. So I took my chances and gave them my best rigs and my new idea. 4o’clock In the morning came around and my rod screamed off and it was only the rod I tried my new idea on I was pumping with adrenaline as I knew the fish was a catfish as the way it was fishing trying to take me around the island then back on itself along the reed bed and then as I got it under my feed it was trying to wrap its way around my other rod. Finally I landed it, my first catfish on my rods with leaving the fish in the net I quickly woke up my mate to give him the excuse of getting out of bed to take a photo for me. As we put it on the mat we saw this was a good fish and with weighing it, it came to be 21lb 13oz I was made up. However that was it and there was no more for me and morning soon came around and it was time to leave. I ended up with the third biggest fish of the weekend. I had met a great bunch of people and raised money for a great cause.


So my tips and advice for fishing fox Lakemore longlake:
Recommended baits: Halibut pellets, maggots, lob worm, meat. Rigs keep it simple, fish a tight line with a slack clutch for fishing for the Catfish, use clay type leaders and coated braided hook link. I also recommend being down the top end of the lake as fish seem to hold up down that end however you could put up one like I did.


As usual if you see me on the bank and want a chat don’t be shy and also I should have the kettle on if I haven’t already ran out of water.


Long Lake Cats