Woodland Pool

 A little gem, the words that came out of James Davies when we arrived at the woodland pool at Holmston Hall fishery today, and he was not wrong, the woodland pool belongs the this three pool fishery just outside Tarporly Cheshire, its hidden away at the back of the caravan park surrounded by landscaped trees, in a well maintained and sheltered clearing, with plenty of space and a beautiful place to site for a few hours. We had decided on a silvers day, with the weather starting to change and the night’s slowly drawing in it was time to see what this venue had to offer for when winter arrives.

Myself and James love fishing for silvers on light well balanced tackle, love bagging them big or small, as long as that float keeps going under we do not care, we would rather have a 30lb bag of silvers than a 100lb of Carp but everyone is different. The day started off with a few surprises of the Carp variety but the silvers soon came, and they were like locust, one thing we managed to learn, which is the main part of fishing, was if you wanted Carp it would be a 6mm hard pellet or 8mm pellet, we tried 6mm soft hookers and 6mm cubed meat to pick a few up at the end but that just got us more silvers, and they were smaller than the ones we were fishing for on maggot and chopped worm, sometimes you just cannot make it up when it comes to fishing.

We both fancied an easy day on the pole, so this water was ideal, good depths at 6 meters of around 4-5ft, the water was a good colour and there was plenty of fish moving on the surface big and small. We took Roach, Ide, Crucian and Mirror Carp, Rudd, Golden Rudd, Hybrids and skimmers, the fish were in great condition and a joy to catch, and the bites were one a chuck and the fishing was superb, if you fished maggot you could do hundreds of fish, small but great sport.

The water is ideally set up for pleasure anglers and novice anglers with something for everyone. The pegs are well placed and easy to get too. It was great to see a small easy to fish water stocked so well with a variety of fish, making it an ideal for people staying the weekend to catch maybe their first fish. The bailiff informed us of the work they are doing and the catering, tackle shop and bait available, all you need to do is call the number on the fishing lodge near the main car park. Every inch of the water was spotless with great care and attention given to it. Big thanks  to the fishery for their hospitality and there is one more water yet for us to explore on the site, which is rumored to be the best out of the three.


Woodland Pool.


3rd Peg on the right facing the island.


Pole line at 6 meters 1inch over depth on the bottom, chopped worm on a size 16 hook, feeding  chopped worm, caster and maggot little and often, keep feeding accurate and often, when the fish move in they will stay. 


Woodland Pool at Holmston Hall