Moat Pool 8th March 2013

A very wet and cold day today, but the fishing more than made up for it, as we continue to promote great winter fishing we headed to the this fishery to target the silver dominated water known as The Moat, which is a fantastic looking water with a large island at approx 12 meters with a shelf sloping from the island at around a meter to a depth of approx 4 feet, this also being the average depth all the way across to approx three feet in the margins. The pegs are slightly sunken into the bank with plenty of room and very close parking, the water was a good colour and the whole venue is spotless and very well maintained, and is also very prestige with plenty of charm.

This is another great winter venue, with a big head of silvers, so many anglers put the gear away and let it gather dust in the colder months, but if you’re willing to wrap up and don’t mind your gear getting a little wet and muddy there is some great sport to be had. Myself and Stephen Roberts has a great day on the water taking Skimmers, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Ide, losing a 5lb Mirror Carp at the last moment and a single F1. All the fish where in great condition and fin perfect.

We fished two pole lines, 1st to the island at the bottom of the shelf as the slope meets the deck and the 2nd fishing up in the water to hand with top two. The key to today for the shy biting Skimmers was light elastics Preston single 4 and double 4, and light tackle, with fished a mixture of 4mm pellet and maggot on the hook, feeding 2mm pellets and maggots.

The venue was a delight to fish and the owners are very proud of their fishery and surroundings. If you are looking for a quiet, secluded and peaceful days fishing with plenty of bites and plenty of fish with great facilities we highly recommend this venue, would like to thank Richard for his hospitality and we cannot wait to try the other waters on this venue.  


The Moat.


1st and 2nd pegs to the left as you look from the car park.


1st pole line at 10 meters towards the island, on the deck where it meets the slope from the island, feeding 2mm pellets little and often. Size 20 gamma green hook, hook length 0.08, mail line 0.11 with double maggot and 4mm soft hooker pellets.

2nd Pole line fishing to hand with top two, up in the water fishing double maggot on size 18, 0.08 hook length to 0.11 mail line, feeding maggots and 2mm pellets little and often.