Slip and Slider on the Main Lake.

Written By
Adam Bowen.

Greenwood fishery has so much to offer for all different styles and techniques of angling, from whip fishing for the bits, to the specimen carp that lurk in the depths of the main lake and everything in between. A  few of us fished from the team using different methods, Myself and James Davies went for feeders with ground bait with maggots, and on the rods up in the water and closer in on the deck, however we caught consistently but not to the standard we have had before on this lake and there we just not having it, but I would bet my last pound that is you went next week and fished these methods we would empty it, but thats why its fishing and not catching.

Carl McCormack joined us later on in the morning, with the idea in his head for some slider work. Greenwood boasts some impressive depths for a fishery, but is more than just your muddy whole in the ground full of Carp, the variety of depths, impressive margins and the ability to fish in such a beautiful and tranquil place makes greenwood somewhere once visited not rarely forgotten. The slider seemed like a great idea, a method still very popular on a lot of large deep natural waters but something not practices on commercials or fisheries regularly. Carl settled on his peg found his depth and distance and went to work.

Carl fished at about twenty meters at ten to eleven feet deep, altering his depth depending on how the bites were coming, he fished a heavy slider float casting to the the clip then retrieving eleven turns to where he was fishing over the small nuggets of ground bait he threw in with every cast, every time the float settled and cocked  it either lifted or buried resulting in a silver fish of good stamp, either Skimmer, Bream, Roach or Hybrid, Carl had them feeding and lining up for a meal.

There was some different stamp of fish but most were a good twelve ounces to a pound in weight and made of a very impressive net of fish at the end of the day. The impressive manor in which Carl caught on nearly every cast was due to the amount and how regular he fed, he was up and down on his box like he was fishing an a continental canal in the world championships, accurately landing them around his float landing the nugget sized balls pf ground bait mixed with dead maggot, castor and corn.

The interesting thing we found about fishing the slider, was the accuracy you could still manage with no pole in site, just practice regular feeding and making sure he hit the clip every time and wind eleven turns on the reel you couldn't go wrong. Fishing the slider went to show that some times the tried and tested methods thats have worked for years can have to edge over the more modern tactics on the right water.

Big thanks to Greenwood's hospitality for the day and keep up the good work, hope to be along again soon.

Water: Main Lake

Peg: 5

Tactics: Slider float, 3AAA, fished to a 10 foot stop not, 4g olivet with bulked shot, 13ft rod with soft action, 5lb line to 4lb hook length, size 16 hooks. 3 dead maggots or worm tipped with corn, small balls of ground bait mixed with chopped worm, castor and dead red maggots fed every cast.