Main Lake, Summer Rods.

With all the pole work we have been doing lately on fisheries and matches, me and James were gagging for a day on the rods, and we were that confidant there was no hollow carbon tubes even put in the cars.  I and James prefer rods to pole any day, but as a fish catching tool for presentation, accuracy and speed it’s hard to beat a pole when fished effectively.

We settled on the double peg on the left side of the water, which had plenty of room for us both and the gear, with a slight wind and great weather for the day we settled down, chopped some worm, and got ready for a day on the rods. This fishery is an old World War 2 sand bag quarry so it has plenty of depth, and at twenty yards out you fishing in about 20 feet of water, which may be daunting to some anglers but if you feed accurately often you can keep the fish feeding in what depth of water you want to fish. The fishery itself is very well maintained and lovely place to sit for the day, plenty of fish and beautiful environment; this is defiantly no Carp puddle or hole in the ground filled with fish, it has something special about it.

The water is alive with fish, and a proper mixed fishery, from big specimen Carp to large shoals of Rudd, you can really bag up on the silvers, and this was our aim for today, me and James love fishing the tip, James maybe a little more as he has a weird obsession with it!!! Bream where the target of the day as well as some waggler fishing up in the water later on for the large shoals of Roach and Rudd.

We started of slow as it always does while Bream fishing, but was not long before big blooms of bubbles started to rise where our feeders where sitting, and then the tips started to go round, sometimes the rods where going round even before the feeder had landed, they were taking it on the drop, and the fishing was nonstop on the tip, it got the point where the shoals of Rudd and Roach where attacking the feeder as it hit the water, and the mass of bubbles had some swirls added to it, and the day just got better.

The fish taken on the day where Bream, Roach, Rudd, Ide, Tench and a single Common Carp, the the fish where fin perfect and in great condition, and the day was a success, if you keep the feeding accurate and often you will catch, we took most of our fish on the bottom on the tip, but there was some great up in the water fishing on the pellet wagglers taking Ide, Rudd and Roach and a Carp, the key was to fish the waggler over the area where the feeder had been going in.

All in all this fishery is excellent for a great day on all tactics but we really had a cracking day on the rods, big thanks to Julian for his hospitality, and we cannot wait to get on it again, and remember do not forget the silvers, as they can result in a fantastic days fishing.

Peg: 4

Tactics: Adam & James.

Feeder rods with Drenenan 20g cage feeders, with size 16 kamazan B911 F1 hook, chopped worm on the hook, with Gros Gordons Noir ground bait in the feeders fished at 20 yards out, to the clip, make sure the clip is used to makes sure you are accurate with feeding to maintain your shoal of Bream to keep the bites coming.

Waggler up in the water with 6mm banded pellet to pick out the better fish, feeding 4mm pallet via catapult, at the same distance as the feeder set up.


greenwood with james