Wrtitten By
Dave Williams.

A visit to Greenwood Fisheries was the order for today fishing on the Lagoon lake not yet reviewed by the team.

Lagoon lake is the pleasure and match lake on the venue with 18 pegs to choose from, today I opted to fish peg 5 facing the small island which is around 12m out from the peg,open water with around 5ft of water and a margin line to the left with around 2ft of water with a overhanging bush going into the water. Deciding to fish these 3 lines,but also trying the new Guru Hybrid feeder out to, fishing that to the point of the island.

Today's methods and baits were going to be very simple using on the deck tactics with pellet and corn, and also feeding Hemp provided by Beechwoodbaits Ltd. I started off by cupping some hemp with a few grains of corn just to give the fish a small bed of food to get there heads down onto, deciding to fish the 6m line at dead depth using corn on the hook it wasnt long before the float shot under and my Grey Nick Gilbert Elastic was coming out of my top kit resulting in a fin perfect 2lb Tench hitting the net (what a start ), straight back out with more corn on the hook and the same again resulting in yet another perfect tench, re feeding the 6m line with more hemp and corn I decided to start rotating swims.

Shipping out to 12m but fishing on the deck again I was tight to the island in around 2ft of water fishing a standard hard pellet on a band again the bite was instant this time coming from a small mirror carp of about 1lb, with constant feeding the fish were cuing up to take the pellet not long after hitting the bottom, I found that feeding with a small pellet pot on the pole rather than feeding with a pult resulted in more bites as the feed was in a more close area and directly under my float, I had plenty of carp and also there was a good number of skimmer willing to take the pellet bait too.

The Margin swim which I had been feeding for a while now looked very inviting as the day moved on so I decided to go in with a 6mm Hard pellet and try my luck, the float was in no more than 5 seconds and it was away, putting pressure on the fish to move it out away from any snags it soon come to the net, a cracking Mirror carp of around 5lb, what a lovely looking fish. I continued on this line for a couple of hours introducing bits of hemp and corn and some pellets too and the bites and fish kept on coming, skimmer, Roach, Crucian Carp and tench all falling in the margin swim.
The last couple of hours of the session was upon us so I decided to get the Hybrid feeder out to the point of the island filled a mix of 2mm and 4mm soaked pellet and using a 4mm hard pellet on the short 4” hook length, first cast out and the rod nearly flew off the rod rest, rod bent double and line screaming off my reel.......snap........ hook link had snapped and the fish was off, not sure of the size of the fish in there but it felt big, re casting the feeder to the same spot and again the tip was round within seconds and another Tench graced the net for me, for the last 2 hours it was Skimmers, small carp, and Crucian all falling to the pellet on the feeder.

A fantastic days fishing using some standard baits and feeding little and often to keep the bites coming,a cracking pool on a great local fishery a big Thank you Julian the owner for your hospitality for the day.


Margin....On the deck using Pellets and Corn as hook baits and feeding Hemp with a few grains of Corn.

6m Line... Again on the deck using Corn on the hook feeding 2mm pellets.

Island swim... Dead Depth mix of 4mm 6mm and Corn on the hook, feeding 2mm pellet and Hemp.

Feeder line... Tight to the island point towards the open water side, a mix of 2mm 4mm wetted pellets with a 4mm hard pellet on a band.

Set ups

Margin....Dino Trux Float, Preston Reflo line, 0.15 to 0.13, size 16s Guru LWG Barbless.

6m Line... Dino Gino Float, Preston Reflo line, 0.13 to 0.11 size 18s Guru LWG Barbless.

Island swim.. Dino Steel Float. Preston Relo line 0.15 to 0.13 size 18s Guru LWG Barbless.

Feeder.... Guru 24g Hybrid feeder, 6lb Guru Drag line, 4” QM1 size 18s with a Band.