Bait Tech on Kingfisher

Written By
Dave Williams.

In Association with Bait Tech and Matrix backed angler Jamie Harrison.

Back at Greenwood Fisheries today fishing Kingfisher Pool for our second review in a week. Today we had a special guest joining myself and Neil Postle form the team, Jamie Harrison was our guest for the day who has become one of the countries leading Feeder Fishing anglers with top notch sponsors backing him too, Bait-Tech, and Matrix.

The review we planned for today was all about hitting the vast Silver stocks which reside in the lake, using simple tactics of Groundbait Feeder, Short pole and Waggler up in the water.

With it being a weekend Julian the owner had reserved a few pegs on the left hand side of the car park being pegs 9-14 on the site map, which would give us plenty of room to get the feeder our and not disturb any other anglers. I arrived on peg 10, Jamie was peg 11 and Neil peg 13, and with knowing a bit about the water already there was quite a bit of depth in front of us so no need for massive casts, with just a short 20-30m cast being ample on the feeder.

Simple bait and tactics for the day for the three of us today, using a straight groundbait Bait-Tech Pro Natural for myself and Neil with Jamie opting for Bait-Tech Envy Green,with standard hook baits also for the day, Red Maggots, Caster, Worms, corn and some Hemp to for the Roach. Tactics on the feeder being simple too, Free running rigs was all that we set up.

Casting out the groundbait feeder to the required distance, I clipped up and set about casting out a further 10 times to get a bit of  feed down to the bottom and build the swim up while finishing off setting up, with both lads to my left doing the same. First cast of the day with double red maggot on the hook,the feeder hit the water and by the time the feeder had reached the bottom the tip was knocking and twitching straight away telling me the fish were there and feeding on the groundbait, and it was not long before the first fish was on and in the net, a small skimmer of around 6oz. Filling the feeder this time with a plug of groundbait then a pinch of worm and caster then plugging the top, I re-baited the hook again with maggots and again within minutes the tip was round and fish on, this was the story of the morning for myself and the lads as after every cast the tip was flying round, with Skimmers, Roach, Rudd and even the odd Crucian carp taking the baited hook.

Jamie and Neil were building a nice net of silvers up using similar bait tactics to myself, but with a few tweaks, Jamie down to single red maggot and Neil using Casters just to mix things up a bit, both anglers were having the same catch rate, with bites and fish coming after every cast, at one point there was a few jokes about Jamie's swim being like a jacuzzi, soon as the feeder hit the deck the bubbles from the feeding fish were everywhere, resulting with him hitting into some nice skimmers too.

Into the afternoon and the Sun high in the sky, but bites and fish still falling to the feeder, Neil decided to fish the Pellet Waggler, with the float set at around 15” deep and a constant string of pellets fired out, it wasn't long before the float buried and some nice Roach, Rudd were in the net, Neil had a good slog on the waggler even changing over maggots on the hook and still connecting with the silvers too. Neil finished the session back on the feeder with some nice Skimmer hitting the net fishing close to a tree to his left.

From the morning I had been feeding a close in pole line at top 2+1 with Hemp,Caster and small hard balls of Groundbait, the area was around 8 ft deep and knowing the close in margins held a lot of fish the pole went out, within seconds of it settling the float was away with red maggots on the hook a small 4oz common carp came to the net in fin perfect condition, shipping out again and the float was away straight away with Roach, Perch, Rudd, Skimmer, Chubblet and small Carp all coming to either Red maggots or Caster. Building the swim up for the rest of the day feeding little and often, it resulted in a fish or missed bite every put in.

Jamie fished the feeder all day, and with watching and listening to him throughout the day about his next change of Hook length from 60cm to 75cm, changing his hook to a 20s from a 18s, changing his feeder from a cage to a plastic, it was pure brilliance and a master class being in the company of such an accomplished angler.

A big thank you again to Julian for your hospitality and for letting us do the feature on your Fishery, also nice to meet Jamie,s dad Terry who fished with us for the day.


Feeder....20-30m cast to open water, Groundbait Bait-Tech Pro Natural, Maggots and Caster hook baits.

Waggler... 20-30m cast to open water, Hard pellet 6mm,4mm, red maggots.

Pole.....On the deck 2=1 kit, Maggots, Casters, loose feed, Hemp and Groundbait.

Feeder...  4lb Guru Drag Line,20g Small Guru cage feeder, 24” 0.13 Preston Reflo line, 16s guru LWG.
Pole....Maver Black ice 1g Pole float, Preston Reflo 0.13 to 0.11, 4” hook length 18sGuru LWG.

Feeder... 6lb Guru Drag Line, 20g Small Guru cage feeder, 12-15” Preston Power link hook length, hook B911 18s
Waggler.... 4lb Guru Drag Line, 4g Drennan Shorty waggler, 15” QM1 Hook length size 16.

Feeder..0.18 Carp Master sinking mono, 20g Matrix wire cage feeder, 25g Matrix plastic feeder, to 0.125 Power micron line and a size 16s Silver Baggers Hook, but swapping and changing hook lengths throughout the day to stay in contact with the feeding fish.