Autumn Silvers

Written by
Dave Williams.

Yesterday saw me returning to a local commercial water near Warrington Cheshire called Greenwood, it has 2 pools, Lagoon and Kingfisher, both lakes contain a great stock of fish from Silvers to 20lb+ Carp, but knowing that Kingfisher holds a large amount of silvers and with the weather cooling down, I wanted to have a day fishing for them.

Baits and Tactics for the day where very simple.

Half a pint of Red Maggots
Half a pint of Caster
Chopped up Worm
Bait-Tech Pro Natural and Bait-Tech F1 groundbait for the feeder and Cupping in on the pole line also.

Feeder, 20g Free running cage feeder, 24” hook link to 18s hook.

Pole, Two lines, 6m out and 10m out, very deep on both lines, so a 1.0 g float on both lines,
0.13 main line to 0.11 hook link with a 18s hook on one rig and 20s hook on another rig.

Mixing the Bait-Tech Pro Natural and F1 Groundbait into a 50/50 mix I decided to load a 30g feeder up with the Groundbait and began casting to and area 40m out where the depth must have been around 15ft. Casting the feeder out five times, the target area and the feeder line was ready, leaving the groundbait a while to draw the fish in it was time to set the Pole up.

Venue knowledge is great to have but its even better when the temperature starts to fall as the fishing becomes harder through the colder months, so with this in mind I had two plans on the pole line, Chopped worm and caster at 6 meter and Red maggot on the Ten meter line. Like I have said in previous write ups, in my opinion, adding liquids powders and glugs to your baits will always give you the edge, with this in mind I opted to add Bait-Tech Liquid Worm to my chopped worm and caster mix (knowing it works well on this venue). I fed some worm slop on the close in line and I fed 2 palm size balls of the mixed groundbait out at 10m to get the swims going before shipping out.

Starting off on the 6m line the depth was around 8 foot and the wind was blowing with a slight ripple from right to left, the heavier float was holding great in the conditions. First put in on the short line I was greeted by the fist fish of the session, a tiny perch, fin perfect condition and the colours on its flanks where brilliant. Bite a put in on this line from the off, even when swapping and changing the size of the worm I was using, I was still able to buy a bite, Roach, Perch and small Skimmers falling to the worm in the first 30 minutes ( fingers crossed it was going to be a good day).

Feeder line had time to settle now, so swapping the 30g feeder over for a 20g I was confident the fish would be there from the off. First cast out to the baited area using a worm tail resulted in the tip  moving slightly and then fully around, and a decent 1lb skimmer in the net, (off the mark on the feeder too). More fish followed on the feeder line even when changing baits from worm to caster to maggots, after each cast the tip was getting plucked and tweaked constantly.

Pole line two at 10m had been left for around an hour or so now, so it was time to ship out again to the pre baited area. The depth now had gone to around 10ft deep and the 1.0g Float again was ideal in the conditions, single red maggot over the 50-50 mix of Groundbait had the desired effect straight away with Skimmers, Roach and Perch falling to the bait presented. Keeping the area topped up on this line every 30 minutes buy introducing a small ball of Groundbait or a small pot of maggots the fish went mad, bite after bite after every put in. the 10m line had the best result with the bigger stamp of Skimmer and Roach falling to single maggot. Rebating and shipping out the float buried and with the elastic shooting out the pole I knew I was into a resident carp, but only to loose it a few seconds later, but not too bothered as on my next put in I was rewarded with my only carp in the net from the session a  nice fan tail.

Rotating all lines through the session was great as every time I went on the feeder or changed pole lines I was rewarded with a fish. Keeping the tactics simple today and not over complicating things was the way forward, also correct bait choice, and feeding little and often also lead to a decent net of fish. With using the Liquid worm today in my chop mix I was confident on getting bites from the off, and also using the Pro Natural Range of Groundbait mixed with F1, again being confident in your choice of baits will always bring fish to the net.

Big thank you to Julian the owner at Greenwood for your hospitality and letting me use a net for the  review.

Tight Lines.
Dave Williams