Claremont Gardens with Warren Boswell

Written By.
Warren Boswell

In Association with Paul Hett Fishing Tackle.

Last Tuesday, 17th May 2016, I fished the club waters “Friends of Catch Nature,” Claremont Gardens, in Ashton Hurst Cross. I arrived at 8am and selected peg 13, a corner swim, on the far side.
I set up 3 swims, one to the far side margin at 14.5 m (1 foot of water), one at 8m to the lily pads (4 foot off water) and one a shallow rig at 13m straight out. Finally set up by around 9:30a.m, I started on my 8m line with Bait-Tec Special G Green, made into a paste, and fed micro pellets soaked in the juice from Bait-Tec. Straight away, I had an indication on my float and continued to have a fish every put in. I hit a monster tench, at least 3lb, the others were small tench, chub and crucian carp.

After about an hour and half, around 11 a.m, the Crucian started to come off the bottom. So I decided to give it a rest and move to my 14.5m line and fished 4mm bait-Tec expanded over micro pellets. I had a run of 6 small crucian carp until it went dead. About midday, I swapped back on to my 8m line and had some more tench, but it was very slow. By this point, the temperature had really risen, and the bites where getting less frequent, so around 1:30p.m I decided the get my shallow rig out. I started by firing out 5-6 maggots about 13 m out, then fished a single red maggot on a size 16 wide gape hook set (about a foot deep).

As soon as I went out…bang…a chub was pulling my elastic out. A cracking 2lb chub in the net. I caught steady for the next 2 hours, then had to pack away just as the action was getting crazy. But by the end I had a fantastic net of fish, with a total of 27 lb 8oz.
The rigs used were the Allen Scotthorn AS5  .2g floats to a Preston reflow .13 power line and my hook length was to a size 18 b911 f1 hook on a .11 reflow power line for my pellet margin swim. My paste rig was a sensors float with a long tip to a .13 reflow power line and my hook length was to a size 14 middy wide gape hook on a .11 reflow power line. Last of all my shallow rig was a stumpy Preston Tyson float to .13 Power line with a hook length was a size 16 gape hook to .11. power line.
I would say if anyone is interested in joining the club, it has four great waters, and I would definitely recommend it. Contact “Friends of Catch Nature” for any further information on the waters or membership details. I had a cracking day and can’t wait to return. Tight lines.