Written By
Warren Boswell


12TH JULY 2016

I fished one of catchnature club waters called Celmac in Denton, Manchester.

I arrived at 8am and got set up for the day. Three pegs had been reserved for me (1, 15 and 16) so I decided to fish in the middle and picked 16, as this gave good margins to my left and right. I set up two worm and caster swims on my top 2+1 to my left and right. I also had paste swims to both sides at 8metres.

My two rigs were home-made 0.1 wire floats .15 reflow power line to a size 16 silver fish pellet hook to a .13 reflow power line. I also set up another two Drennen Carp0.2 floats on a .17 reflow power line to a size 14 middy wide gape hook to a .15 reflow power line.

My bait for the day wasworm head on the hook and my feed was chopped worm and caster made sloppy with a watered down peat mix. My paste was made with Special G Greenand Special G Gold,to allow me to swap between colours. I also fed a micro and sloppy ground bait.

I started with half a pot of feed in each of the four swims because I know when I catch a few fish from a particular swim it can then go dead, so this way I can swap between them, allowing areas to rest.Once I was set up, I was ready to fish!

The pond did start to get busy with some midweek locals, meaning twelve of the sixteen pegs were taken. I knew this might make the fish quite difficult, but at least I had people to talk to! I started to my right with my Margin, on a paste line, which caught as soon as I went, bang, a 2lb mirror carp! Between each put in, I fed a little of the sloppy ground bait with caster.

I had around 2/3 more fish before the bites started to slow down, so I swapped over to my left  swim and same again, the fish were there to be caught! I had some cracking chub and carp from the green sloppy stuff. It got to the afternoon before things really started to slow down/ It was time for my worm rig to go out. I fed a little more chop worm slop and as soon at the bait had settled I banked a nice bream, with a few more in quick succession.

After another hour or so, it got really slow again, probably due to the amount of people fishing on that day. I had a lot of fish in my swim but they were easily spooked and I had one or two foul hooked fish. Around 3 o’clock people began to leave for home and the pond came alive with bites, especially on my paste line, pretty much as soon as I put in. It was a fish a chuck, always the way when you only have an hour fish left!

After a crazy hours fishing I had to call it a day. I weighed in my fish, silvers first, which was a mix of bream, chub, roach and tench, which totalled a good 14lb! I then weighed my bag of carp which came to 34lb 0.5oz, an amazing catch, even with a full pond!

Just would like to say thank you to Steve Wallwork and Ian Baily for a great days fishing, You all do a fantastic job running the club.

It’s a great club for both experienced and beginner fishers, with 16 well designed pegs, each with safety rails for wheelchair users. The club also offer a “buddy” system for people who have suffered a stroke, and they also do amazing work supporting the Disabled and Stroke Associations. I would say it is well worth joining, such a safe and friendly place to fish.


FoCN formed in 2001 with a primary view to recover waterways within Tameside for the benefit of the public to enjoy their pursuits. With a dedicated team of experienced anglers, introduce youths into the art of fishing and appreciation of the natural world around the water’s edge. Our 1st project was at Morrison's Denton when the acquired the land from CELMAC toilet seat makers. The old EWS pond adjacent to the works was doomed in the new plans; the fish were removed to EA holding ponds. After the store was built, Morrison's commissioned FoCN to reinstate a waterway. We designed and they built to our plans plus additional facilities. Tameside Stroke Association have members who are on a path of recovery and use to enjoy a day’s fishing. TSA use to hire mini-buses and transport them out into Cheshire where there were suitable conditions for the members. Due to the Austerity Cuts impose via the Government; these visits became a heavy financial burden on TSA's diminishing reserves. Joyce Brooks who is the main co-ordinator for them visited our site and asked for an Inspection and after extra bank work we have a local venue that is more than suitable for TSA members to partake in their much needed Green Exercise with a cut in Carbon Footprint.