Petes Pool Winter 2012

Petes pool (Four Oaks Fishery 27th November 2012)

Every time I go to this venue it never lets me down come wind rain or shine this little water always comes good. As I and the team are really pushing the silver fishing this Winter, this venue is a must for some good fishing. As I consider this fishery my home water, and have been raving on about it for years I will not bang on about its character and how well it is run, and get strait down to the fishing.

Myself and James settled on peg eight by the car park, set up with the wind behind us and set to it, we where fishing for silvers on small hooks and light tackle and we were not to be disappointed, and James managed to have his first ever still water chub. The fish taken where Roach, Skimmers, Chub, Rudd and Carp (Mirror & Common). The fishing was fantastic for a late November, and we took some lovely fish. We were having a great day on the bank, but unfortunately there was two anglers opposite us who had the wind in their face, were struggling for bites and had to watch me and James bagging all day, sorry about that chaps.

This venue is well work a visit in the cold weather, myself and a few other members of the team have been here a fair few times in the winter, even broken the ice and still caught well. This still remains my favourite venue, and I cannot wait to introduce James to the fantastic fishing it has to offer in the warmer months.

Thanks again to Suzie and the rest of the team at Four Oaks, keep up the good work and will see you again soon for more great fishing.


Petes Pool.





Bait: Red maggots (Double) on the hook, Sensas 3000 Gros Gardons Noire (Big Roach Black)      Groundbait, feeding two small balls every hour, feeding 4-6 maggots little and often.

Float: D Jones Floats (Handmade) 4x12

Line: Preston reflo power hook length (2lb), Preston reflo power line (3lb) main line.

Hook: Kamasan B911 F1 size 18.

Rod/Pole: Pole line at 8 meters on the bottom.


Bait:  Fishing double red maggot/casters feeding little and often

Float: D Jones Floats (Handmade) 4x12

Line: 3lb preston main line to 2lb hook lenght

Hook: Kamasan B911 F1 size 18.

Rod/Pole: Pole line at 8 meters on the bottom.


Four Oaks Winter 2012 petes pool