Petes Pool (Summer)

Pete’s Pool Summer, 26th June 2012.

Well this little adventure was not planned; I was going to Greenfield nr Holywell in North Wales, but after smashing my phone, getting only three hours sleep post nights and being extremely tired, the thought of a 80 mile round trip to a venue hard to fish and with a friend telling me he only had 2 fish between 3 of them all night I thought............let’s go somewhere to bag up for a few hours before the rain comes in.

Pete’s pool was looking full of summer with the lush green grass, tress and vegetation in full bloom, the water looking in great condition with plenty of fish topping. I set up ready to go and as always I was not disappointed.

I fished chopped worm and caster, and every time the float buried, it could have been a 5lb Carp or a 6oz Roach. The way I chose to fish gave me a mixed bag, but if you had gone on the pellet against the reeds it would have been a Carp a chuck, it was alive with them. The fish were all in great condition and it was great to have such a mixed bag of fish. Fish taken were Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Chub, Roach, Rudd and Skimmers.

As always the owner was more than helpful, the place was clean and tidy and I cannot wait for my next visit, the venue never lets me down and remains one if not my favourite.



Pete’s Pool




Pole at 11 meters, 2m from the right bank,  chopped worm on the bottom, feeding chopped worm and caster little and often. Size 16 Kazaman b911 f1 hook, 3lb main line, to 2lb hook length.


petes pool summer