Four Oaks Fishery, Heron Pit (Autumn 2012)

Wet cold and windy, but I thought I would crack on anyway, with the whole water to myself I picked the open water peg that was not under water and went to it. I was there for the silvers and knowing the water like I do there is a good head of them in there, and despite the weather and a slow start I was not to be disappointed.

As the weather starts to get cold and the Carp and Tench slow down I love getting on the silvers, getting back to maggot and caster tactics, light tackle and working your swim. The cold weather always brings out the hardcore or as the wife says the mentally challenged angler, but it amazes me that people put the tackle back in the garage until spring, when there is so much great fishing to be had on the waters full of silvers and rivers. The best thing I find about cold weather fishing is the working of your swim, as bites are harder to come by there is more satisfaction in drawing the fish into your swim, balancing the feeding and working for the bites and you value each fish more.

The fish taken at this venue varied from one bite to the next, as long as I fed very little but often and repositioned by hook bait every 30-40 seconds give or take the bites came and every time the float went under it could have been a 1oz Gudgeon or a 3lb Bream, all the fish as always where in great condition and a joy to catch. Fish taken were Roach, Perch, Rudd, Skimmer, Bream and Gudgeon.

As always fishing at four oaks was a pure pleasure and still remains my favourite little fishery. Big thanks to Suzie the owner for her support and will be back soon. If you want to bag some good silvers without having to fish the rivers or fish a deep lake casting 40-50 yards this is the place for you, and the fishing in great all year round.


Heron Pit.




Pole at 6 meters, on the bottom, size 18 kamasan B911 hook, 4LB main line and 2lb hook length both preston innovations reflo power line, 4mm soft hooker pellets, caster and double red maggot on the hook. Feeding maggots, 2mm pellet and caster, the key was to alter the bait and feed every 2-3 fish to keep them interested, also never mix the feed as 2mm pellets fall slower than maggots and caster, you want to keep the fish up or down in the water, don’t spread them out, feed very little and often, 3-5 maggots or caster at a time and a pinch of 2mm pellets in your pole pot.


four oaks autumn heron