The new look Heron Pool at Four Oaks Chester.

Four oaks fishery, Chester 2nd March 2012.

Fished the Heron pit today, after it opened on the 1st March. It has been closed while some bank re-shaping and digging out was done. The water is looking great, and the work done has opened up a lot of pegs on the open water.

The pegs are well spaced and of good standing, there is a good margin now with a good two foot shelf where carp were seen with their heads down.

I fished peg 20, started with a strait bomb with triple dead red maggots on a size 18 hook and was into a 4lb mirror carp straight away. I fished the bomb while I set up my pole, which I fished at 12 meters with double red maggots which was a bit a chuck, when I swapped to dead maggots bites still came but they were better roach, and bites turned to fish nearly every time.

The wind started to get up and the pole was not working at twelve meters, so I came in close and fished the margin which resulted in a nice 6lb fully scaled golden mirror carp. If the wind had not got up, I could have spent the whole day happily bagging up decent silvers.

All in all ,the great work the guys have done on the Heron pit it, has made it easier to fish and is going to be very productive in the warmer months, and Pete’s pool had had a good tidy up and is looking ready for spring and plenty of fish to come out.

This fishery still remains my favourite venue, and cannot wait for my next visit.

Peg: 20

Water: Heron Pool


Straight bomb 16-18m, doauble-tripple dead maggot size 18 hook.

Pole, 12 meters, on the bottom, live and dead double maggot (Krilled) size 18 hook, loose feed maggots and 2mm pellets little and often.


four oaks new bank