Petes Pool (Spring)

Four Oaks Fishery (Chester) Friday 5/5/11 

After such a great day in the Winter, thought it was about time for a spring review of this great little fishery. Got down early with the weather looking a little rubbish, but the water looking in great condition, well into the swing of Spring, with some good ground work and housekeeping gone in ready for the warmer months.


The fishing started of great and continued to fish well all day into early evening.  I fished the second peg oN the left as you look from the car park. I fished against the island on pole using 6mm pellet, fish taken up in the water and on the bottom, with lots of roach taken up in the water on double maggot. My brother also fished the same peg along the reeds to the right, on the small cage feeder with ground bait and 6mm pellet, a lot of fish taken on this method.


Most fish taken on the day was carp 1 ½ - 3 lbs with a few nice bream approx 2lbs and tench about the same weight, some good roach taken as well some ½-1 lbs, the roach really good sport on light tackle.


Something else to add which is great about this water is the two disabled pegs, which are excellent pegs fishing wise as well as for access and size. I spoke to a disabled angler on the day who was very impressed with the set up for disabled anglers.


All in all, another great days on a great water with great staff and in a lovely setting. I am no expert but I predict great things for this pool, as every time I fish it always produces good weights with fish in great condition, the carp, bream and tench are growing well and competing for food so it’s always going to fish well. Even though I took no chub on the day, other anglers took good sizes up in the water on double red maggot. The chub in this water are growing well on the mainly carp baits going in, and a fish I always chase on this water; again same as the carp, tench and bream they are great sport.


Pete's Pool.


 Second peg on the left hand side, looking from the car park.


Against the island on pole using 6mm hook pellet and 4mm loose pellets, on the bottom and up in the water, 6-8 inches from the bottom. Also good roach fishing mid water, fishing 10-15 inches deep.


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