Disabled Angling on Petes Pool.

Written by Adam Bowen
Coarse and Barbel Angler.


A few months ago I was contacted by Barry Talbot form Runcorn, who is an angler with varied disabilities, he got in touch to enquire where I would recommend that not only was a great place to catch a few fish, but also had facilities that would assist a disabled angler to have a comfortable day on the bank. I had a little think and even though I know of a fair few great venues, but Four Oaks always would be my first choice to answer this query. Petes pool at four oaks, has two disabled pegs which are large, flat and very easy to access, you can park next too or behind the disabled pegs available. The toilet is a short walk away, the fishing is always fantastic and its simple fishing, there is nothing complicated, you do not have to fish far at all or doing anything special, simple maggot works very well for silvers and 4mm pellet work very well for the Carp and Bream.

Four Oaks Petes pool has a great deal of fish to offer in a short period of time, making this ideal for those anglers who cannot spend a great deal of time on the bank, and they tend to be on the feed as soon as it goes in you do not have to wait long for the bites to start coming. The fish are all of good stamp and size, nothing too big for a disabled angler to handle with ease. In my opinion the idea of a relaxed easy days fishing, with plenty of fish in a short period would hopefully get more disabled anglers on the bank.

Spending the day with Barry got me thinking about how just a little bit of guidance and support from myself he was able to start catching a fair few, and is there a gap in the market for able bodied anglers to reach out to these disabled anglers to support them with their fishing, or is there a coaching opportunity within the professional anglers networks around the North West. Talking to Barry it was very evident he struggles not only with the physical side of fishing like carrying the gear and setting up the gear and tackling it away afterwards as well. He also struggled with the finer things and the finesse of the tackle, the size of line, hooks and floats are too large for fishing this time of year, just a little bit of tackle knowledge seemed to help Barry out with his catching a great deal which also then gave Barry more confidence with the tackle he was using.

Helping Barry with his angling was a great experience and shows all the hard work form the team are doing trying to help anglers and promote angling in the North West continues to pay off giving us these experiences. Big thanks to Four Oaks fishery for another great day. Barry has also asked me to add his phone number to the feature so if any other anglers disabled or able bodies would like to go fishing he is happy to chat any time. I will also ad websites links for disabled anglers associations for more information.

Barry Talbot

01928 834057

British Disabled Angling Association.


Disabled Anglers.


Barry from Runcorn disabled four oaks