Canal (Pool 5)

For our latest review, we decided to fish Flushing Meadows Pool 5. The Fishery has a very natural feel to it and set hidden away in the middle of the Cheshire countryside.The Canal looked in tip top condition upon arrival, fish topping, and water colour spot on, Stocked with common and mirror carp from ounces to doubles, also Crucians, Skimmers, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Blue and Golden Orfe, Chub, Barbel, Gudgeon and Perch, so lots of species to keep us busy. Decided to fish peg 11 towards the end of the lake at the far end.

Lines of attack today would be to the Far margin at around 13m,either fishing up in the water or fishing on the Slope. 6m on the deck rig around 6ft deep, and a top 2 margin kit, with simple baits of various size pellets for feeding and hooking, and also corn and 6mm size Meat,flavoured with bait-Tech Polony oil over night.

Feeding the swims prior to fishing is one of my routines, shipping the pole out to 13m with the pole cup filled with soft micros, I placed it in next to some sedges on the far bank, dropping a full cup of micros with some corn and meat mixed in, I also placed it on my 6m line too, and then for the margin line, I fed around 12 cubes of meat.

 Deciding to start on the far 13m line I began fishing a 6mm Excelsor hard pellet banded on the hook, shipped out and fished it just on the slope around a foot from the bank, and I was away straight away with a tidy 3lb Common carp putting up a great fight, the same followed for the next four put ins on, all the carp of a similar size. I found that laying the rig up the slope on the far bank gave me better presentation resulting in more bites.

Knowing there was a good head of silvers in the Canal I decided to see if I could get the skimmers going by using the cubed meat I had prepared the previous night. Plumbing up on the 6m line I found the swim to be around 6ft deep, (which got my Spiderman sensors tingling for a great winter venue), so out I went on the 6m line and the bite was instant as the bait touched the bottom and I was greeted by the sight of a lovely looking Tench, which was a nice surprise, lots of fish followed that on this line ranging from Tench, Roach, Skimmer and Carp, it was a simple case of catching a fish and then topping the swim up with a small kinder pot of wet micros with the odd piece of meat and corn mixed in to keep the bites coming thick and fast, (while fishing this line I was also topping the margin line up with the same meat, and a few grains of corn through the day).

The temperature was very mild today, the sun was high in the sky and I could see lots of carp milling around just under the surface so I brought the Shalla rig into play, I found by feeding around 3 pellets ever few minutes it kept the fish up in the water, as soon as more feed went in it was like bubble city and the fish were on the bottom, so little and often for the shalla rig it was, I also used Sloppy Micro pellets too for the feed, Fishing 12” deep to a small Dibber float the sport was frantic, fishing at 12m to start but gradually bringing it closer in, I ended up at 6m just over my deep deck rig, (so that was getting fed at the same time)., again Carp were on it straight away and the float away in seconds, lots of stunning looking fish followed from weights between 3lb upto 7lb, and it was also great to see the Skimmers and Roach were on the munch up in the water too and taking 6mm hard pellets.

The owners of the Fishery have a Net ban on all lakes, but today we had permission to use a net for 5 hrs and in that short period the nets were out we had a great number of carp and Silvers, but the point I wanted to make was after the nets were remove and the afternoon session started I continued feeding the margin line and proceeded to fish it using Polony meat just on the top 2 sections in around 18” of water, for the next two hours it was a carp a put in on this line, “it was Black with them”, again ranging from 3lb upto 7lb in weight.

Methods: Pole

13m Line “On the Slope” Hard 6mm Beechwood Baits Excelsor Pellet using a Band

13m Line “Shalla”, Hard 6mm Beechwood Baits Excelsor Pellet using a Band, also 6m Line “Shalla”.

6m Line “On the Deck” 6mm Cubed Luncheon meat with Bait-Tech Polony Oil.

Margin Line Top2, 6mm Cubed Luncheon meat with Bait-Tech Polony Oil

All swims fed with a mix of Wetted Micro Pellets, Corn and Meat.


13m, DinoYork Float, Preston Reflo Line 0.15 to 0.13 Hook link, to a Guru LWG 18s Hook

13m and 6m, “Shalla”, Drennan Dibber Float 4x14, Preston Reflo Line 0.15 to 0.13 Hook Link, Guru LWG 18s.

Margin, Dino lunchy Float 0.4, Preston Reflo Line 0.13, to a 16s Guru LWG.

Fantastic days Fishing on this Fishery, lots of other pools to fish,and a well kept venue too, a Big thank you to John for letting us do the review and Hospitality also.