Dee Lane, Start of Beat 7.



Parking on Dee Lane under the Bridge, access to the pegs to the left via gate to the Start of beat 7. The Pegs under the bridge where we fished on this occasion are now free towards the right as far as the next gate, however get yourself  a Dee Anglers Card as they control some of the best fishing on the Dee. Even thought we fished the free pegs it was only 10 feet from the Start of the Dee Anglers stretch to the left and under the impression this was Dee Anglers due to miss information. We Will be back very soon for another feature on Beat 7.

After a wash out last year and the rivers being unfishable for a great deal of the back end of the season, I have been chomping to get out on the Dee and start exploring what it has to offer on the stretches the club control, and with myself and the team trying to push rivers, canals and more natural waters this year, the river Dee looks like it has got a lot for us to promote and help people find out about. The challenges of fishing this river across its different stretches, speeds, depths and tactics is something we are all looking forward too, as the rivers offer so much more than the still waters, you really need to think about your tactics, tackle and feeding, and not every session is going to be the same even if you fish the same peg each time.

After a fact finding mission earlier in the week I was armed with some information and knowledge, however some of the information was misguided as things change in fishing rights and not everyone has the up to date information, but not the end of the world as we still learnt loads and caught a few fish. After speaking to the local lads who fish on this stretch we were given some more bad news, not only were we on a peg just before the clubs beat 7 starts, we had picked the wrong day, we were informed that on a Thursdays and Sundays  the river has fresh cold water running through it from Bala Lake where the Dee starts, as they open the gates to release water from the lake and always puts the fish off and makes the angling that little bit more difficult in this area of the river.

The river Dee is known to have its more popular stretches like Farndon and Eccelston which are free and are renowned for good days, but pegs are limited, and at £20 a year for a Dee anglers card for the sheer miles of bank they have to offer you cannot go wrong, also the variety of water stretches are impressive, from the tidal sections over the weir at Chester, to the wider slow deeper stretch in before the weir and up to the fast shallow stretches up stream, there is something for everyone from trotting a stick or waggler, bolo, pole, feeder, lead, or fly.

The day itself was not a complete disaster as we still managed to land plenty of fish, from small Dace, Salmon, Trout, Perch and a few Eels, but the Roach that we took were impressive, especially one over a lb, it’s not just the size that impressive but the quality, the wild colours, the dark back and full colour fins, but it’s always the orange eyes on wild Roach which is magical and makes them a joy to land, and talking to the local lads who were watching us, these Roach are there in abundance up and down beat 7. The Barbel rods were also out, but nothing landed, Graham did have his hoop over a few times but cracked off on both occasions early in the morning, despite the Dee not being known as a Barbel rich river, they are in there and they are being caught, so the hunt is now on for myself and Graham.

The fish taken were all on white maggot, we fished maggot on size 16 B560 hooks, with 50 gram black cap feeders both from Kamasan, Graham fished downstream and struggled for better fish but had plenty of bites, I fished upstream behind a bush in slack water to pick of the better Roach on the drop back bites. Fishing 40z tips in our rods, 5-6lb line with 4lb hook lengths, which caught us both smaller fish and better fish, so seemed to be well balanced for all round fishing on that stretch.

Big thanks the support from Martin Powel l and the Dee Anglers Association, and we are looking forward to our next visit. The best thing about fishing the river is the learning curve, because learning new things and adapting your tactics is in my opinion is just as important as catching. If you are thinking of starting on the rivers or getting back into it then the Dee anglers card in my opinion will not let you down, just be prepared to practice, spend some time walking the bank and young or old you will be hooked. Sitting ng on the banks of the Dee was not only a relaxing and beautiful place to be, but between seeing Kingfishers, birds of prey, water voles and all the other bird life the river has to offer you can always depend on River fishing to keep you coming back time and time again.