Woodlands Horse Shoe

Written By
Adam Bowen.

Now, before we get started on this amazing day, I can only be amazed at how Chester Lakes has come on since I was last there nearly four years ago, and I can see us spending some time there in the future. Chester lakes has a reputation for being a very busy complex in the warmer months, with many anglers targeting the large head of Carp in the pleasure lakes. However, there is something a little special tucked away, that will not always be on the radar of your regular fair weather angler that frequent this complex.   

I followed James Davies and Carl Jenkins form the team, with James promising a few silvers on a cold early spring day, and he was adamant we were in for a surprise regarding the stamp. We arrived nice and early and had a walk around this, the smallest water they have to offer, but in my opinion the most interesting, reminding us of the pits we used to fish growing up, a natural wild feeling to it, with bags of character.

We chose the left hand side of the water, facing the road just in front of the pods. The water was good colour, plenty of fish movement, feed bubbles and some interesting depths across the water from three to ten foot, it's an unusual water for a commercial complex, but we loved it all the same.

After depths were plumed and bait prepared, battle commenced, man v fish, and it started on a winner, with float burring almost instantly with a minimal amount of feed going in. As the onslaught of silver action continues through the morning, it was very obvious they wanted feed, and plenty of it foe this time of year. James informed me that it is one of the most underrated and fished water on the complex, and this was evident in the fish, with some of the Skimmers have heads to large for their body, if that makes any sense, but to me it does, as the depth and thickness of the fish showed lack of feed going in compared to the amount of fish in this water, which is a shame as this water is brilliant but has room for improvement, easily corrected with a feeding rota, more anglers on it, or a thinning of the smallest of the silvers.

The stamp of the fish was impressive, as well as the variety. Skimmers, Hybrids, Rudd, Roach (especially impressive) and Perch were all on the menu, for a fantastic mixed bag of silvers. The Hybrids and Roach were impressive and beautiful, some of the best at nearly a 1lb, and fantastic on light elastics and balanced tackle. There is nothing better that at the end of  days fishing to be presenting with a keepnet being full almost to the first ring with bars of glimmering silver, evidence of a well fished and productive day, where tactics and bait choice has really working in your favour.

Big thanks as always to James and Carl for not letting me down, Widnes Angling Centre and Lionel's Tackle of Buckley. Will not be long before we are back. If you are looking for a fantastic silver fishing water, that is tucked out of the way, with bags of character and more bites then you can handle, please give this water a go, and you will not be disappointed, and just keep it simple is the best advice I could you if you are on this water.


Carl:  Fished at 9 meters in 4 ft of water using a 0.4 gram Maver invincible float ,line was 0.12 tied to 0.10 both pro micron and a size 20 b611 . Ground bait was Sensas lake with fluro pinkies . Introduced golf sized balls every 15 mins to keep the swim fizzing.

James: Fished at 7 meters on the deck in around 5 and a half foot of water float was a Drennan AS3 0.2grm float mainline 3lb Preston reflow power to a 2lb Preston reflow power 4" hook length to a Drennan size 18 silverfish maggot hook, I kicked off the peg potting in two balls of Bait-Tech Pro-Natural ground bait fished over it on single red maggot and fed loose maggot and 2mm soaked pellets, I also gave my maggots a glug with Bait-Tech Predator Plus liquid.