Pool 3

Written By
Dave Williams


Cheshire Fishing Pool 3, Winter Carp.

Temp on the day 3 degrees, and a Cold North wind.

I was joined for the day by Bri Coakley a friend of mine and a follower of the team

We fished pool 3 early on in January on a very cold day, and come away with a great net full of carp, so we decided to give it another go and use similar tactics as the previous visit. For the days fishing i brought along, 1 pint of live Red maggots, 1 pint of Dead Red maggots, and some Bait-Tech 4mm Expanders, soaked overnight in the fridge with a cap full of Bait- Tech  "Juice" added, and also a bag of 2mm Carp and Coarse pellets to use as feed for the day which i soaked prior to starting my session.

With fishing the lake in January i knew the peg i had picked could produce a big net of carp from using very simple tactics, so with that in mind i set up 3 top kits for the pole.

1, 4x12 CI Maggot Float, fishing on the deck.

2,4x12 CI Maggot Float, fishing 6" just off bottom.

3, Dino Merus 0.4g Float, using 4mm Expanders.


Three pole lines for the fishing today, where 2 of them on the maggot would be as close to a tree in the water as possible, and the other, the pellet rig, would be fished just to the left of the of the tree in open water, fishing between 6 to 8 meters out in around 3.5ft of water. Simple feed tactics was the order of the day too, just feeding half of a pole cup full of the soaked 2mm pellets with a few dead reds put in too, and just topping up through the day with a small toss pot full of pellets and dead reds.

 Starting off on the dead Reds at dead depth, it was not long before i had my first bite which was a small common carp around the 1lb mark, shipping back and feeding more pellets through the toss pot, i was into another carp straight away, this time the carp was around 3lb in weight. With bites and fish coming to the Dead Reds for the first couple of hours, i started hitting into fish and foul hooking them, so i changed my top kit over to the 6" shallower rig with live Reds on, and from then, the slight change in depth had me hitting each bite and connecting with the carp instead of foul hooking them.

 While fishing the maggot rigs i kept the Expander line topped up on a regular basis feeding little and often. Deciding the time was right to try the pellets i slipped a 4mm on the hook and noticing how well formed it was and also it had a great sweet smell to it coming off the added "Juice", shipped it out and within seconds the float tip buried and i found myself into a 6oz Roach and my first of the day, continuing with the Expanders for most of the rest of the day i started to build a good net of silvers up, and it was not long until the carp arrived in the swim too. The fishing become hectic at times, after hitting into the carp on the expanders, they had a great idea of trying to run me into the tree in the water, but with steady pressure, and the correct elastic choice, they stood no chance of breaking free. 

The weather had changed in the last couple of hours, howling wind and the temperature falling even more, but the carp were still happy to take the pellets and the free offerings of 2mm pellets, all in all a great day's fishing with lots of Silvers, carp upto 5lb, it just shows that fishing in winter can be great if you are using the correct Bait, correct feed pattern and the correct tactics the fish will show and continue to feed. I think also using the Expanders soaked in the "Juice" gave me the advantage over just plain expanders too, it's a must to try.

Brian also had a good day fishing the next peg down, using similar tactics but also fishing on the feeder using a small Guru 24g Hybrid feeder using a mix of various pellets and baits, micros with Krill juice on the feeder pellets, and using small match boilies on the hook.

Regards, Dave. 

Many thanks also to Cheshire Fishing, and also to www.commercial-Indicators.com for the Floats for the day.