Cheshire Fishing (Tattenhall) Review of Pool 2

Cheshire Fishing (Tattenhall) 20th December 2011.

Fished this venue a fair few times, but always in the summer, and it has always fished well. I was told by a friend its one of the best winter still waters around and to give it a go.

I fished the second pool on the far bank about half way buy a small bush. Access to all pools and pegs is very good and easy to get around the fishery. There is an extremely good tackle shop, toilets and hot drinks and snakes available and the staff are more than helpful.

I fished about 6m out in front just over a small ledge. Fished just on the bottom, with 4 & 6mm soft hook pellet and maggot.  I found the trick was to swap each hook bait every half an hour, if I used the same one for too long the bites died off.  Feeding 2 & 4 mm pellets and maggots little and often.

The bites were very slight and dotting your float down very low in the water gave more positive bite indications. There were four other anglers on the water, who were all catching very well on similar tactics.

Fish taken on the day were 1 carp, bream, skimmers and some good roach, all fish in great condition.

Looking forward to fishing there again soon in the cold weather and in the warm.


2nd Pool


Middle of the far bank from the car park.


6m in front on the pole, just on the bottom, size 20 hook, 4 & 6mm soft hook pellet and maggot.

Feeding 2 &4mm pellet and maggot little and often.


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