L shaped Basin Chester (Shropshire Union).


This was my first trip to the canal and it was a hard day, minus degrees temperature in the morning and the water being clear we knew it was going to be a struggle. I arrived in the morning and Matty Dawes joined me later n the day. I had never fished the canal basin before or any canal properly, and after one session I can see why people do not like to fish the canal and equally I can see why other anglers love it.

Canal fishing, to me and Matty is working hard for bites, working your rig and peg to produce bites. Using more skill and fines, light and balanced tackle, myself and Matty used 3&4 elastics set very soft to make sure each bite produced a fish. This was different to the type of fishing we were used to and I felt slightly out of my comfort zone, but what I enjoyed the most was the learning some new tactics and skills, I enjoy this element of fishing as fishing pellet on a carp puddle can get a little stagnant at times.

The L shaped basin is surrounded by new flats and the bank is concrete, the water is around 4-4 1/2 deep all over, the fish we took where skimmers, Roach, Hybrids and a bonus Jack Pike. All fish where taken on a single pinkie just of the bottom fished over black ground bait. The bites from Roach where a dip on the float then it buried, the Skimmer bites where very positive and the float get buried every time.

There is parking in and around the flats and by Telfords Pub. Do not go down to fish this water expecting to do 30lb of fish, go down expecting to work hard and learn plenty, as part of a good angler is being able to learn new skills and tactics and apply them to your water craft.


The Point and to the left facing the building site.


Pole lines, 0.09 main line, 0.06 hook length, size 20 gamma green hook, fishing single pinkie over black ground bait, 2-3 inches off the bottom, lying the rig allowing it to drop through the water. Alternating to different pole lines every couple of fish.


L basin chester