Under new managment.

Written By
Adam Bowen.

This review was featured in the Angling Times, where to fish section.

Reputations are a funny thing, bad ones are easily made in the angling community, through rumours, disgruntled anglers, or by anglers not abiding by the fishery or club rules who are then  confronted. These are but a few, of the many different avenues where these reputations can manifest. However, a good reputation in angling, fisheries and clubs can take years, grand effort and patience. I am fortunate enough that I get to work with anglers, fishery owners and clubs so I hear about and experience both sides of a reputation. 

One of my greatest pleasure, being a part of the angling industry, even though its only a tiny part, is being asked to give my honest opinion and assistance, when a fishery has a new owner or management. This week I ventured over to Brookside fishery in Stretton nr Warrington. Mark the new owner, had very kindly invited us along to review one of his pleasure waters and discuss his future plans for the fishery. It was great to see his energy and passion for this project and ideas for the future. In my opinion a visionary in angling is never a bad thing, and Mark was able to lay out his plans and his vision for the future of Brookside.

Myself and Dave Williams from the team settled on Kingfisher, which is one the more popular pleasure waters on offer, which looked in good shape. Being able to park behind almost all the pegs on this water is really appealing, especially with the amount of gear some anglers carry. The water itself has a well spaced bank and three islands that are always worth a chuck on the bomb or method feeder. There are not allocated pegs at the moment, which allows anglers better access to fish the features, great for social angling, and parents who want children close to them while angling.

The fishing itself was non-stop, I concentrated on working long and sort pole at different depths and baits which all produced bites, also fishing the method swapping on to bomb and pellet, which produced plenty of Carp of the island. Dave on the other hand had a real game plan, and stuck to it, for an amazing day of really decent looking Carp and a couple of beautiful specimens. The sport was fantastic for Dave, and he managed to produce an impressive haul from five hours of fishing.

It was great feeling to help Mark out, and he tells us, already clubs are booking matches and all his plans are starting to come together. Mark is working tirelessly to improve all his waters, tackling the ones in the most disrepair first and making sure they are in great condition before re-opening them. He knows it is going to be a long road ahead of him, and is already enjoying the challenge. I have am sure that with hard work and patience, Brookside fisheries will be on a similar par with the other fantastic fisheries the North West has to offer.

Daves Tactics.

Pole line 1, Carp 0.6g Dino Gino float, to 0.15 main line down to a 4 inch hooklink of 0.13 and a size 16s hook with a bait band on a hair. Fishing in 6ft of water 8 meters out using a 6mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellet on the hook and feeding 4mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellets over the top via a cad pot.

 Pole line 2, Silvers 0.6g Dino Chi Chi float, to 0.13 main line down to a 6 inch hooklink of 0.11 and a size 18s hook. Fishing in 6ft of water but at 6 meters out this time fishing Chopped worm on the hook and again feeding a cad pot mix of chopped worm and caster.

 Pole line 3, Carp, 0.2g Dino Trux float, to 0.15 mainline down to a 4 inch hooklink of 0.13 with a 16s hook with a bait band on a hair. Margin fishing within inches of the bank and sometimes right under my feet, but most of the carp came to a small sedge clump using a 6mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellet.

 Feeder set up, 24g Hybrid feeder with a 4 inch hooklink and a 14s hook with a bait spike on a hair rig, hook bait would be Bait-Tech The Juice Dumbells 8mm sinkers.