Runcorn Marina

As the year moves forward  the team have been discussing the variety of fishing the north west has offer, after fishing a great deal of commercial fisheries last few years and having some fantastic sport we are starting to look at more natural venues and clubs to include in our adventures. With Lymm angling kindly giving permission to fish their waters myself and Carl MaCormack from the team ventured to the Bridge Water Canal in Runcorn Cheshire, right in the centre of the town, with cars and people everywhere and low flying planes on their approach to John Lennon airport it was a very different experience all together, but no less enjoyable.

We chose this stretch as Carl has been fishing it with the Lymm juniors and it has been producing some great angling, however the area under the bridge that had been fishing its head of was unfishable due to the wind, so we decided to move up to the marine are to get out of the weather and hopefully catch some fish. We started fishing at about half two until six before the light started to fade, and for such a short session Carl managed to not only give me a lesson on canal fishing but catch a fair few fish as well.

We only took one loaf of bread which cost forty seven pence and resulted in and good bag of silvers, Carl took Roach and Skimmers at about ten meters, he fished five millimetre punched bread on a size twenty hook, fishing 0.09 main line and 0.08 hook length, fishing a Dino Roach Royal 0.3g float to 4-6 elastic. Carl fished delicate but smart, knowing the fish always sit of the bait, as he said they are always wary of getting a set of teeth round them or a beak up their ass, so they never really get their heads down and feed aggressively, when a fish gets hooked the shoal is easily spooked. Every two fish or if the bites tailed of Carl would change the rig depth ranging from just touching bottom to eight inches of the deck.

The way Carl worked and changed his rig every few fish to make sure the fish kept coming was something new and at the same time very interesting to me, are we getting to use to the same pattern on commercial fisheries or feeding aggressively with pellet, fishing to the islands and into the margins, feeding two kilo of worms or 4 pints of caster are we forgetting the finesse that Carl showed on a natural water, are we getting used to waters with four foot of fish in six foot of water. To be honest if you’re on one of these commercials or fishing a stick float down a wild river in the middle of nowhere on a centre pin, as long as your fishing and there is no reason why you could not do both, same as match/coarse anglers also dabble in a some specimen Carp of Barbel fishing. I found fishing the canal for even a short time a very steep learning curve, from what tackle to take and tactics, and I am looking forward to my next trip.

The fact that you can fish this great venue with such small cost forty pence for a cheap white loaf and I think Carl said its only twenty pound per year for the club canals, with surprisingly good parking next to the canal with half the amount of tackle you would take to a commercial makes me wonder why canal fishing appears to be in such decline. I do believe you could learn a great deal from canal angling that you could transfer to still waters and possible a match angle as well. If you are considering a canal for your first time or are looking for a club to join for great angling and choice of venues I would highly consider talking to Lymm anglers, also Carl is a qualified angling coach and would be more than happy to discus some lessons.

Please have a look at the photos to see the tackle used and to get an idea of the marina. Plus some fantastic fish and the difference in size can be very interesting.

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