Stretch Below the River Tern .

Written By
Adam Bowen


Now, the River Severn is no easy stallion to break, especially when chasing Barbel on a new stretch, but this stretch of the Severn that is on the Lymm card is mouth watering, fast shallow gravel runs, streamer weed and extremely exciting as soon as you walk on to it. Our only problem was the big yellow hot thing in the sky was beating down on myself and Carl Jenkins from the team, with harsh penetrating rays we had decided most of the day would be pre-baiting  and fishing for silvers on the stick until it was Barbel O'clock and if you chase Barbel on rivers we all know that time of the evening.

We fished the pegs slightly down stream of the River Tern, the large blanket of streamer weed looked very fishy at the back , with plenty of opportunities at the front. We set up our Barbel gear and went to it, fishing small feeders 45-60g with halibut Ground Bait, mixed 4,6 & 8mm halibut pellets, to a 12mm Aurora boilie. We fed Hemp and Corn little and often via catapult to both Barbel rods to keep that sent going in, and as always Hemp is a Barbels favourite.  Carl fished to the far left hand corner of the streamer weed, just dropping the feeder on the edge of the weed.

As soon as the sun started to dip and that special time arrived Carls rod hooped over, and the clutch kicked in and Barbel on was being shouted from downstream. After a great fight and an interesting one at that due to the streamer weed, Carl landed a beautiful 8lb 40z Severn stunner, and after all sorted and slipped back we were ready for the next one. Carl cast back in, we stood round chatting and the rod was not in for long before we were off again for a 9lb 80z majestic looking fish, perfect in every way. With enough light for a few more casts, Carl managed a 4lb Chub and unfortunately lost a Barbel at the end of play with no light left.

This stretch of the river on the Lymm card is easy to access to the bank, there is some walking involves do travel light as you can, it has locked gates, and the maps and postcodes for sat nav are spot on, make sure you  take your key to get through the gates. If you really don't want to pay for the full Lymm Card, you can buy a River or River and Canal only card, which is very reasonable and will not break the bank for some amazing Barbel fishing.

Big thanks as always to Lymm Anglers and Beechwood Baits Ltd. Me and Carl loved our trip to this stretch of the river, we learnt a great deal and cannot wait to get back as soon a we can, as I think we have only scratched the surface of this lovely length of the Severn.