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A1 pits Stretch, Day ticket, Nr Newark on Trent

Wriiten by
Adam Bowen.



The A1 pits fishery own  six large specimen waters and a good stretch of the Trent, with day tickets available from the bailiff on the bank and night fishing available. The tariff is £5 for a day ticket or £10 for 24hr ticket. You can park behind every peg on the river, other than the last few pegs in the meadow by the farm, but its only a short walk.

You access the river via the the still waters, the track goes past the right hand side as you enter the fishery and just keep following it until you reach the river. The fishery entrance is on your left as you come from North Muskham after exiting the A1 at North Muskham, or if you miss that you can come off at the Newark junctions, just make sure you turn left enter the village then turn right, you will pass back over the A1 and just before you come to the railway crossing its on your left.
For Sat Nav's or Route Finders, enter the postcode: NG23 6EQ


With the season drawing to a close, and time available to chase my beloved Barbel slipping away, we decided to venture down to this stretch, as it has been throwing out plenty of whiskers out in the cold weather. We set off early doors from North Cheshire, luckily for us its only about a two hour drive and leaving early the roads were very kind. My companions for this trip was Dave Williams from the team, and friend of the team and all round big fish hunter Danny Stone. We chose the furthest down stream we could manage, due to the depth, solitude and being able to take three sets of rods and bivvies on some of the bigger pegs.

We settled on a very large peg with two smaller pegs further down before you reach the fence and were unable to take the cars any further, you can fish in the meadow near the farm on the A1 tickets but no cars are allowed, but its only a short walk. The access to the pegs is great, there is a track that leads behind every peg, just be sensible with your parking in the adverse weather and you should be fine. Looking at most of the pegs this section of the river can be fished at varied heights, if the river was up by four to five foot it would still be possible to wet a line.

First order of business before we even set up our bivvies was to throw out our rods in, as the need to start fishing for Barbel as soon as you get near something that flows with them in is unremarkable, you are totally blinkered with the possibility of putting a bait right on a twelve pound Barbels nose with your first cast, as we all have experienced that anything could happen fishing a river, and especially on a river like the Trent.

We all decided to do something different, I stayed with my old favorite when it comes to winter Barbel tactics which was strait lead with some very smelly garlic meat hair rigged, the gripper lead had some paste in it to put a small amount of sent trail down swim, Dave and Danny toyed with pellets, bollies of varied flavor and size, with and without pva bags, Dave also fished maggot and hemp, these tactics produced a mixture of Chub and Bream, Danny landing three 7lb Bream and a 7 1/2lb Chub, with a number of other slightly smaller of each species. Dave ended up with a Chub around 4lb and around ten Bream between 4&6lb, which is not an easy accomplishment being his first trip to this water in the winter.

I managed the only Barbel, about 71/2-8lb, was the quickest land photo and release in my Barbel catching history, as when my rod screamed off at about one in the morning, it must have been clocking about -4 and I was that excited for a run I was playing it in my socks, quick photo from Dave, who kindly got out of his bed to take it, then slipped it back, no time taken to check the fish and admire it like I normally would due to the sheer breath taking cold. I also managed a 6lb Chub which was a PB for myself, all the fish taken were fantastic, not only as they were from a river, but it is always a pleasure to catch quality fish in winter conditions, and as always a great deal was discovered by all.

One of the most interesting things I have discovered from my last two winter Barbel trips over night is the importance of the correct gear, rods tackle and bait is something we all know well, but your bivvy, sleeping bag, bed chair, cooker, food, water supply, clothing, thermal covers for bed chair, and even a hot water bottle for your feet, because if you feet are warm you will sleep, all these things are important and like with your tackle if you buy right you buy well and will not let you down in my experience. As for the way you set up your area on the bank for fishing at night everyone does it different , but in my experience so far, keep your area clean and free of tripping options, pair of shoes you can quickly slip on while you get a run, have your re-baiting and tools you need handy, pva bags ready, head torch on your pillow, somewhere to rest our rods while re-baiting or stripping weed off your line, so your not standing on expensive stuff in the dark. PS apologies some of the pictures are not our usually quality but hope you still enjoy.